(OOC) Look Who’s Back!

OK here’s the thing. I know I said I would not be coming back, but that was actually my evil twin talking, so let’s just forget about all that and move on, alright?

Seriously, I had no idea how adamant some people would be about me returning to EvE. It’s always nice to know I’ve left a mark on things. And while I still love EvE more as a concept than an actually minute-to-minute game, I’m willing to take another shot at it from a different angle and see how it goes. To that, I’ve joined an small, all-local (Toronto) semi-pirate corp not attached to an alliance. We’re casual and intent on doing what’s fun first and foremost. So far the energy has been completely different and quite enjoyable. Not at all like it was in the Ushra’Khan.

Let me mention something about the U’K. I’ve always thought that the proper place for the U’K and CVA was Faction Warfare. Why the two most prominent RP alliances were not the ones leading the charge when FW began will always confuse me. It’s sad to see that it took internal strife to get them to this point, but ultimately I think it’s for the best. All the best to them.

Currently I’ve opened a new account and have begun training a mining/refining alt. She’ll get into some sort of production at some point, but the specifics are issues for a later date. You may be asking yourself what ever happened to my main, Gigaer. From what I understand, Project Halibut didn’t last long due to some interpersonal issues (says the rumor-mill), but he was used after that to continue helping new players in various forms until recently. I’ve asked for him back and the transaction should be completed sometime this week. In what condition he’ll be in is still a mystery.

What does this all mean for this blog? Well, I aim to continue writing about the same things I did in the past and hopefully I still have some readers still watching me. If not, that’s cool. Out-of-character, in-character, scientific and other types of posts will be coming your way soon. I’m not going to beat myself up over consistently posting, but they should come out on a regular enough basis. Also, I need to reconnect with the EvE blogosphere and Tweetfleet, as I’m told by one Roc Wieler (whom I saw two nights ago and failed to crush my ribcage despite an honest effort) as both alive and well. I’ll begin to seek out blogs to link to and read (suggestions are VERY welcome) and you’ll find me on Twitter as @PsycheDiver.

Plenty of posts coming while I get back into the swing of things, so stay tuned. In the meanwhile, I’d love to hear about what you all have been up to since I took my sabbatical!

Happy to be back!


Fly safe! o7


~ by psychediver on 01/27/2013.

3 Responses to “(OOC) Look Who’s Back!”

  1. You’re no good to me with crushed ribs.

  2. welcome back

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