(OOC) Retiring.

Some of you may have noticed I have been absent from the #Tweetfleet as well as my blog and the game itself for some time. The reasons being I have been mulling over a decision, one that I have recently come to a concensus about.

I am leaving EvE Online, and I won’t be coming back.

Most of you may be thinking that is has to do with the recent troubles, of which I will not go into because everything that needs to be said is being said by many others. I will say I was fine with it all (even the standings buying since it fit the RP) until they started talking about non-vanity items. I want to make it clear that while this was an element to my decision, it was only the final nail in the coffin.

My main reasoning lay within what my life has become as of late. I have two jobs, a podcast project that is demanding more and more of my attention, an important spiritual pilgrimage coming up that will change my life considerably, no time to date, a new (old and used) car, no time to date (as if anyone would have me) as well as other issues all across the board.

I have been wholly unable to find time to play EvE the way it is meant to be played since before Fanfest, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

Fanfest was a tipping point for me. I had an amazing time but it helped me start to see how I am more in love with EvE as a concept than as a game. Fitting, as that love-from-afar dynamic is how it all started and how it will rightfully end. I love EvE, but I don’t love EvE Online enough to drastically change my life so I can play it.

To my brothers and sisters in the Ushra’Khan, I love you dearly. There was not a single moment during all my capsuleer years that I did not want to fly with you. It was a privilege that I fear I never lived up to the way many of you thought I should have. I wish you all the best of luck and thank you so much for the opportunities you all offered me.

To the #Tweetfleet, you have no idea how much I will miss being one of you. You truly are the voice of a nation. You can all expect for me to be following you on my geek-centric Twitter account, @GeekEdge. Even though I may not be playing EvE anymore, I hope I can still be part of the discussion.

There are specific people who have touched me in a singular way, but I will be reaching out to them individually. I don’t wish to embarrass them.

To those who have come to enjoy my blog, I will be leaving it up, but I sadly can’t promise I’ll be writing any more IC posts. If the drive to do so ever strikes, I will. The blog will remain up. I have put too much work into these words to just delete them. If anyone would like to use my characters in any way, please let me know. Thank you all for reading. You made delving into the life and times of my characters worthwhile.

So what happens now? One of my major issues with leaving was what to do with my account. Gigaer was a highly-trained character and deserved to not be mothballed or biomassed. I have spent too many nights grinding, too many days pondering skillplans and too much money on subs to just do away with him. While I am trying to embrace a buddhist sense of impermanence, there is a point of waste I wish to avoid. Therefore, I will be transfering my character to the wonderful people at Project Halibut, so that all my work can go towards helping others. If you don’t know about PH yet, check it out. I feel this option is the best way to make an exit.

This is not the end of my connection to EvE. I will be continuing via a new partnership between the Complete Geek Network and the EvE Commune podcast. As my podcasting persona from the Complete Geek Network (Edge) I will be continuing my EvE science analysis in an audio format within it’s own monthly segment, as well as popping in from time to time for the show itself. I want to thank the good and honest crew at EvE Commune for arranging this all with me, even though they have been perhaps the most vocal about having me reconsider.

This choice was not easy. It took me months to get to this point. This is not an emoragequit. It is, however, the right thing to do for me.

To all of my immortal brothers and sisters, fly well.


~ by psychediver on 06/27/2011.

4 Responses to “(OOC) Retiring.”

  1. Fly safe, brother.

  2. Sad to see you go, man.
    Hope to catch up with you again some time soon!

  3. 😦

    I hope you can find everything you’re looking for 🙂

  4. *hugs* You’ll be missed. It sounds like you have a great retirement planned out though. Best of luck with that.

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