(OOC) Science Peeves

Decades ago, Gene Roddenberry used the relatively new concept of matter-energy teleportation in Star Trek, purely to get around the fact that having a shuttlecraft appear to land on every planet in every episode would bankrupt the show.

Now, quantum teleportation is becoming a reality because science geeks demanded specifics, and later desired to make such things reality.

Good science makes for good science fiction through forward thought and inspiration.

Recently at Fanfest, CCP Tony G said at a panel that it peeved him that a ship can utilize seemingly unidirectional device like a stargate in an omnidirectional fashion, without there being an explination of how or why.

This was given as an example, and I am sure that he and those like him feel strongly that such things should be properly addressed in canon. It shows a lack of inspiration on behalf of CCP, who continually say they want to create the ultimate science-fiction simulator.

We barely have the fiction for that, much less the science.

I have been pondering joining the Mercury team since talking to Tony that day, and that conversation is ongoing. What I would like now is for my readers to point out the science holes in EvE that most annoy them, and challenge me to patch them up. Each hole presented will be given its own post as to allow for a proper explination and debate.

Those post will be given the header (SCI).

As for the issue that Tony himself brought up, that will be my first challenge.


~ by psychediver on 05/16/2011.

6 Responses to “(OOC) Science Peeves”

  1. Hah, I always assumed the gates were pointed in the direction of where you were going.

    OK, here are a few I thought of, I hope they’re what you had in mind.

    Are stations represented as smaller entities in the game? Because they seem to be able to fit a lot of ships inside.

    How does a NOS or Neut work without a physical connection?

    How does mining with a laser work from 15km?

    an obvious one is the whole “submarine physics” thing. Though, along with that, why do weapon charges(bullets/missiles) not continue on their trajectory beyond optimal+falloff. Everyone knows after playing Mass Effect that Sir Isaac Newton is the deadliest son of a bitch in space!

    and I guess in the same vein, why would you design ships with lopsided oddly placed engine thrusters? some of them are weird.

    Another thing that has always bothered me, is the Recon 1-3 missions. You have to scout out a route for an NPC convoy, and along the way you find different hazards. Why can’t the NPC convoy just warp to the damn science station? NPCs warp in and out of belts all the time, space is 3D, go around the obstacles..someone obviously got there before, because there is a science station there.

    I guess these next two are economic science? 😉

    It has been proven through chronicles and novels that ships have crews. Who pays them? How come I don’t pay my crew? and how come I don’t have to resupply the ship with provisions? Also, why are there no non-ore materials used in ship production, does the crew sleep on beds of tritanium?

    Where does all the insurance money come from, and why do they keep insuring me?!

    I guess that’s it for now, I thought of some other things that bother me, but I don’t think they fit here.

    Cool blog topic,

    • Wow. Thank you for all those wonderful topics! It just goes to show that Tony G and I are not the only ones who see the issues.

      Rest assured that each of those topics will be getting a post.

  2. oh yea, warping through objects/planets also bothers me!

    • That is the one I still can’t get around. Unless there is a phasing property to intra-system warp, but it just does not fit.

  3. Interesting topic for sure.
    Let’s start with an easy one: why there are explosions in space? Even if the oxygen inside the ship ignites, any ammunition fired at the ship will break the hull and quickly vent most the oxygen to the space. I can entertain small explosions, but not the massive ball of fire we get when a ship goes down. Don’t get me wrong I love the explosions, but they don’ make much sense.

    Also, why missiles curve and then hit the target?

    And when we stop our ships, why they stop like there is friction involved. I’d like to see a retro rocket fired when I slam the brakes.

    • #1: check out some nuclear bomb tests that were done in orbit. Plenty on-board a ship to overload or ignite.

      #2: You know, I have no idea. I think that is pure game though.

      #3: As would I. Maneuvering thrusters should be there. I’ll be sure to tackle this in the future.

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