(IC) The New Ride


Ghaya prided herself on mining where most feared to tread. Where pirates or worse called home, there were untapped resources so vast that they became stuff of legend. It was a common understanding that to get at these riches, small fleets were necessary, complete with dedicated combat wings ready to intercept and eliminate opposition long enough for the miners to do their work.

Ghaya did not work well with others. The few times she ventured out with a fleet, she invariably did what she wanted, when she wanted. Her FCs either denounced her publicly, or labeled her a target in the field. Neither was very fun. This caused her to form unsafe habits like mining solo in nullsec, going dark among the rocks and rubble when trouble came sniffing around. Drifting there without nav shielding or any way to know if the pirates were right on top of her would be enough to crack the will of even the toughest industrialist, but Ghaya just bitched for hours about how she needed a new ship.

Fast-forward to present day, and after pulling more strings and selling more roids than should be necessary in a lifetime, she was finally getting her wish.

She had begun designing this ship a while back (if “designing” meant doodling randomly for hours in her pod using a paint application).

A girl loves to shop, and in day one of this project she bought:

– Two Orcas.

– A Raven battleship.

– A Sin Black Ops battleship.

– A Skiff.

– A Mackinaw.

– A Hulk.

– More modules and rigging equipment than you can shake a Stabber at.

She began by gutting the first Orca, and dismantling all the other ships. The idea was to utilize all these ships as a gestalt in order to create to perfect solo mining ship. The hull sections of the second Orca were installed on the first, The main body pylons being linked to the bottom and angled diagonally. The upper secondary hulls were linked together and now ran the length of the ship. The forward bridge was removed for added electronics. The engines were centered on a new brace and were held in an elongated X formation.

The Sin provided the new capacitor, powergrid and electronics systems, as well as a cynosural field-capable jump drive and cloak. The drone control systems were also utilized, and a sizable dronebay was created using portions of the lower forward body pylons. The bays were large enough to hold a healthy compliment of combat drones of varied types. These would (hopefully) provide all the offensive capability Ghaya would need.

One turret hardpoint was placed at the centre of each body pylon, and installed on it would be the best strip mining lasers ISK could buy. The reason she bought the Skiff, Mackinaw and Hulk were mainly to get at the computer systems and their hard-coded laser attenuation algorithms. Each ship specialized in a specific kind of ore because of these advances, and the only way to get a copy of them was to buy the whole damned ship around it. Mind you, the three exhumers made for some useful parts, but their real beauty lay in their computer cores. It was a simple enough task to cross-link all three cores together.

The armour was replaced with 1600mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates with an interwoven N-Type Adaptive Nano Membrane and N-Type Regenerative Membrane. Finally, the Raven provided new shields, to which was added a battleship-class F-S9 Regolith Shield Inductor and a Dread Guristas Invulnerability Field emitter. Varied damage control systems were also installed.

All of it was more or less rigged together with pieces from the deconstructed vessels, providing an ample supply of conduits and bulkheads and whatever else was needed to make it all work to its full potential. All this was made all the more difficult by Ghaya’s insistence for a minimal crew.

It took a few false starts before she flew to spec. Maneuvering thrusters needed to be added and several more thrusters were added to the main assembly (from the Sin) to bring the top speed up to a healthy 89 m/sec. The ship would never be entirely legal, but after greasing the palms of an ORE VP, some fake paperwork was cooked up to make it seem like Ghaya’s new toy was a failed Orca II prototype. As far as anyone was concerned, it was safe to fly but too costly to produce, and Ghaya owned the only one.

As she looked at her creation from her quarters through cameras on its docking cradle, she wondered what she would christen it, and what people would think when they saw it undocking and setting course for nullsec.

((OK, I’m looking for a name and a GOOD ARTIST RENDERING of Ghaya’s new ship. I’ll offer up 100m isk to anyone who really blows me away.))


~ by psychediver on 05/06/2011.

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