(OOC) Aura vs. iClone

The idea of having a hand in EvE on a mobile device is something that capsuleers have wanted for some time, though due to API security issues, the best we can get for now is an eye.

Having switched from an Android device to an iPhone, I have gotten a good idea of how the two major EvE apps stand up to each other.

I will start by saying that both apps are quite good, and unless you are in the unlikely position of having both options, your choice between them is more or less made for you.

Aura for Android as well as iClone for iOS give you more or less everything you really need. Full character stats, holdings, data on items, etc.

Aura stands out by and large by giving you the ability to create a widget that sits on your device’s homepage and allows you to instantly know where you are in your skill training. You can create a widget for each character you have. This is possible because Android makes use of widgets, while iOS does not. There is a skillplanner, but as my rather large plan is on EvEMon and the two won’t play nice, I never used it. Aura falls behind on its visuals, clunky setup and general lack of tools and deeper data access.

iClone is by far the better looking of the two, with better texts and layouts. Every pilot I have shown it to loves the full galaxy map, which is easy to manipulate and sort. The jump planner also is easy to use. Setup was a breeze. There is also access to much deeper datasets (such as corp stats) which are updated as often as you like. iClone does not have a widget feature due to no iOS widget support, which is something I did not suspect I would miss as much as I do.

I think both apps have a long way to go in terms of complexity and tools offered. Neither app offers any sort of fitting tool. Neither is in any way connectable to Battleclinic, forums, killboards, comms or other apps that you may use on your desktop The ability to sync skillplans and fitting would go a long way in my eyes. With both apps, you will inevitably have to fumble around to find the data you want. For instance, if I am looking at my assets and want the data on an item, I need to exit my assets and go into the items database. The data is already in my hand, it just isn’t as interlaced as it should be.

I wish capsuleer was around so I could try it out as well. Sadly I was late to that particular party. Maybe if I can ever sit down again with PajamaSam, we can talk about the nuts and bolts of these kinds of things.

Hopefully in the near future CCP will bring a lot more to the API, and hopefully these two apps will continue to evolve along with the needs and wants of their users.


~ by psychediver on 04/25/2011.

7 Responses to “(OOC) Aura vs. iClone”

  1. There is also EVEUniverse which I like

    • Eve Universe currently charges to remove ads which makes its use a violation of EULA. Currently CCP has ignored this fact but to be sure, they wont if it becomes a widely used application.

      • What I find most annoying is that EVEUniverse was featured on the Facebook page moderated by CCP Manifest, although he is in Turkey, as Mark726 pointed out to me on twitter yesterday, so it probably wasn’t him who posted it.

        There are other EVE iOS apps out there, Leaky Capsule and FlySafe are the two that come to mind, but both are lacking compared to iClone. I actually keep both iClone and iClone Lite on my iPhone, I use the Lite version to actually track my skills and the full version if I need details attainable only from my full API key. Lite gives me my push notifications since the full version takes forever to update.

        Capsuleer, while it was pretty, was not very feature rich. People always try to hold it up as the papagon of iOS EVE apps, but they seem to forget that it had a skill viewer and a sort of RSS reader that pulled CK’s Blog Pack and the official CCP blogs only and that was it. Sorry Roc and PyjamaSam, but your app was a little weaksauce :-/

  2. Aura has a fitting tool though it is a not fully flushed out yet. If you ever have questions about the Aura application you can easily join the Aideron Robotics channel in game and Perrin (the creator) is always willing to help with any issues people may have with the application.

    • When I did have the issue, i wrote them an email. They never responded.

  3. Capsuleer, while it was still around, was the shiznit. Easy to use, easy to keep up to date, and fit right into the iOS paradigm. (And it featured Mynxee guest-starring as the Voice of Aura!) To my mind, iClone is a lot clunkier and less worth it, but it’s pretty much all you can get on iOS right now for EVE. Sigh…

  4. The beta 2.1 of capsuleer had a full item db in it, and Sam had some other items in the pipe including a model viewer, starmap to name a few. I’d post a screen, but the provisioning profile expired in feb 2011

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