(OOC) Storage Woes

A lot of capsuleers use PI for a little added passive income. Spend a few hours and a little brainpower getting it right and it can provide a significant boost to your income for almost no effort. However, like a lot of complex systems CCP has added in recent memory, the devil is in the details. My biggest peeve right now is storage arrays and their lack of, well… storage.

You can, in fact, store things quite easily in storage arrays. Many people use them like I do, as buffers between extractors and other units. This reduces the chance of waste and creates a usable backlog of materials for other units to use.

My issues are two-fold. Firstly, storage arrays are quite costly (powergrid-wise) for what they offer, and secondly they don’t offer all that much storage space.
I attended the PI roundtable at fanfest and brought this up, and everyone agreed it was an issue. The vast majority of players have been using launchpads as storage arrays, given they offer twice as much space for almost no additional cost. I find this a regretable practice as a roleplayer as it makes no sense.

Currently, I am having to constantly ship huge amounts of backlogged inventory to stations, where they continue to build up. As I am doing this in hi-sec, it is a minor inconvenience, but those in nullsec need to worry about larger backlogs and POS threats. Not good.

Some suggested a mechanic to slave arrays together, but that would ramp up the grid cost. My solution is simply make them bigger. If CCP does not want to decrease the grid cost, I would think a four-fold increase would be fair. Many at the roundtable agreed.

What do you think?


~ by psychediver on 04/17/2011.

One Response to “(OOC) Storage Woes”

  1. Some tips with the launch pad. Thanks. Will remember that when I attempt my first PI experiment. 🙂

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