(OOC) How To Be A Good Podcast Guest

Recently I was on the EvE Commune podcast, and while I run my own podcast I found that preparing to jump into a new show dynamic took a bit more prep. Here are some tools to help you be the best podcast guest you can be.

Be a fan – Listen to at least the last three shows they put out. Even if you have already listened to them, do so again with added attention. You need to be as familiar with their show’s flow as possible. Are there set segments? Do they have any running promos or events?

Get to know the hosts – Try to have as much conversation with the hosts leading up to the recording as possible. Establish a rapport.

Know your stuff – Be as familiar as possible with the specific topics being covered during your recording as possible. Have any and all relavent info at the ready.

Forums and such – Take a good look at their forums, tweets and blog posts to better understand the audience.

Talking to the mirror – Practice any of your own talking points to minimize rambling and pauses. If you get a window to talk about yourself, make it count. Any and all points you wish to bring up should be cleared with the hosts before recording.

It’s their show – Don’t talk over, interupt or speak too long. Also, remember to thank them. You are the guest, be a gracious one.

Fly hard and talk safe. 😉


~ by psychediver on 04/17/2011.

2 Responses to “(OOC) How To Be A Good Podcast Guest”

  1. Nice post! Good advice.

  2. Excellent advice. I’ve been a guest and a host of a podcast before, and golden tips like these can help a LOT.

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