(IC) Faith

Kariam Zol floated calmly down a glittering tube of ornate gold, transversing between one majestic spire to another within this radiant metropolis.

Such structures were not physically possible, but this was not reality. This space was made of pure data, an elegent virtual interface space that represented the Amarr extranet. Spires and constructs ultimately represented information of one form or another. Almost everyone here was a capsuleer, but not everyone was allowed into the central cathedral, a collosal construct that loomed over all else and represented the secure core of the Amarr information network. Only those with extremely high clearance were allowed in, and only the empress herself had clearance higher than FAITH.

If your average citizen of the empires ever heard of FAITH, they would likely dismiss it as lunacy. After all, how could the Amarr have a small cadre of secret immortal assassins that for thousands of years have eliminated threats big and small to the church and to the empire itself? In fact FAITH did not just exist, but it was directly sanctioned in a long-hidden passage in the Pax Amarria.

Before the Pax Amarria was an easily consumable work, it existed as a vast collection of scrolls, and it was when it was condensed into the book we all know today that certain passages were deemed “sensitive” and kept out of the public eye. FAITH is in fact an acroynym of the original name of the organization, spoken in the oldest of forgotten Amarrian tongues.

As written, every major house took their best citizens from conception to train and gave them over to the church as soon as they were ready to kill. Numerous techniques (some illegal or ever forbidden) were brought to bare in order to assure the child was beyond perfection. The child was taken from the parents once birthed and would not see freedom again. The parents were often given a flash-clone of the baby and never knew anything was wrong until medical issues began to inevitably appear. Many resources went into forging the perfectly trained and indoctrinated killer in the name of God. Humanity was shed early to reveal a calculating machine of death. Once ready, they were offered to the current ruler.

As there was once many powerful houses, there were once many of FAITH. Now five houses remain, yet six of FAITH still stand. Kariam Zol was the last FAITH operative offered by Khanid. When the moral cleansing occured and unsanctioned FAITH operatives were hunted down and killed, only Kariam stood in the end, all the others having been eliminated and their cloning abilities destroyed through subterfuge of his design. The one who got closest to him took his eye, and he kept the disfigurement as a reminder. For centuries the secret hunt between secret hunters continued, until Jamyl Sarum’s return. She ended the slaughter of shadows (as the few who know of it call it) by proclaiming Kariam blessed by God himself and therefore untouchable.

Kariam never cared how many of the FAITHful he needed to kill. To him they were all unworthy. Now, thanks to his empress, he could return to his holy task.

Today, Kariam floated down halls deep within the centre of the cathedral and empty except for automated sentries. While the empress was said to sit high above the gleaming city that didn’t exist, Kariam knew he would find her far below its surface. Here the golden imagry gave way to raw data, the support structure to all above. Only lights and void remained.

Yet even here, and without even a virtual body, Kariam felt he could kneel before the empress and receive her blessings.


~ by psychediver on 04/15/2011.

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