(IC) Some Sort Of Fish

The citizens of the Republic grow in number every day as more slaves are freed, but not all of our new brothers and sisters are trying to kick Vitoc, Some of them are pilots.

New capsuleers stream out of the academies and find the cold spaceways offer no ready answers. The quickest way to make some ISK and forge some connections is to work for the empires directly, but for many that becomes very old, very fast. Empire bureaucracy and red tape apparently take too long to work through, even if you are immortal. So they set out on their own and often find only cold space and colder people.

Then there are the capsuleer corporations and alliances, which are far better but demand a lot out of even the rawest of recruits. I have seen plenty of people try to join the Ushra’Khan, only to be shown the door.

I was in Jita the other day and caught the tail-end of an employment meeting… at least that’s what I think those two capsuleers yelling at each other in front of a corp HQ. The employer who, before slamming the door, made a few colourful comments about how the pilot one didn’t know a warp core from a hole in the ground. The furious pilot began to storm off before he was stopped by another capsuleer in a very nice suit. A business card was exchanged, a short conversation was had, the pilot calmed down quickly and strode off looking oddly confident.

I went up to the man in the suit and asked him what just happened. He said he represented an not-for-profit organization that helped new pilots find their footing. Asking what it was called, I was regaled with stories of an ancient and powerful beast that roamed the seas of old Earth called Halibut. A noble creature that imparted wisdom and good fortune on those brave enough to capture the deadly monster. He gave me a card after I told him I would be sending plenty of pilots his way. He was very happy to accept my ISK donation.

Maybe the universe isn’t as cold as everyone thinks…



~ by psychediver on 04/11/2011.

2 Responses to “(IC) Some Sort Of Fish”

  1. ((Very good write up of Halibut, I like it and will be borrowing heavily from it! And I assume the man in the suit would be me XD Only a Caldari would be so sensibly dressed after all.))

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