(OOC) Body Mods – First Itteration Impressions

The latest expansion has hit and with it comes the first new additions to the character creator, specifically body modifications.

As a Minmatar RPer, the lack of tattoos at the initial release of the Carbon character creator made me quite displeased, as tattooing was so integral to the look of a Minmatar. Also, body modification for capsuleers as a whole should be fairly commonplace.

So what do we have now? A selection of facial tattoos, piercings and scarring. There is some contention regarding scarring within the RP, but as I have not yet decided which side is right, I will just note that it is available.

In fact, just saying that it is available is about all I can say for any of it for now, as the selection doesn’t exactly blow me away.

Tattoos are few and non-customizable, though we know more are coming and you will be able to mess with them. Scarring was equally blah. I am aching for something that will blow me away, and I really don’t mind having to pay for it via MT. Many RPers are of the same mind.

Piercings seem to have gotten the majority of the attention as there are the most options in that catagory, though there does seem to be almost no variation between for four races. That said, I like the choices so far.

One problem throughout is that you can only choose one option, so even mixing and matching isn’t possible. This is the most annoying for piercings right now, though we know the system will change eventually to accomodate multiple selections.

All in all, a good start.

A final note: CCP needs to not be afraid of sliders. Something as simple as height should not be locked down. Also, I am not happy that I can’t lengthen my dreads. For those of you who have read my RP, you know Gigaer’s dreadlocks is waist-length and banded together with crimson rope. It remains to be seen how close I can get to that ideal look when all is said and done.


~ by psychediver on 04/08/2011.

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