(OOC) Walking in…

Someday we’ll be walking around in our ships. So, what does a capacitor look like? What about a cap booster?

A Power Diagnostic System?

A shield extender? A hardener?

An armour repper?

A Damage Control system?

A drone control unit?

A warp core? A MWD?

A webifier? A scram?

A transfer array?

A d-scanner? A hacker? A surveyor?

T1? T2? Fleet? Officer?

A cloak? Covert Ops?

A triage system? A siege system?

A cyno generator?

A doomsday???

If we are gods among men, our chariots are surely beyond the scope of mortals.


~ by psychediver on 04/04/2011.

2 Responses to “(OOC) Walking in…”

  1. I think we will mainly just walk around stations, when in the ship we should be pod bound with a matrix style digital probe in our head.

    However, every ship has a crew – otherwise what is all the space for?

    So I could see them wondering which access panel services the cloaking device and which one allows access to the warp core.

    • It was said at Fanfest that later on they want us walking in our ships.

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