(OOC) The Road To Fanfest – Day 3 and 4

Sorry this post is a bit late.

Waking up on day 3, the events of the prior night really set in at bit. Iceland really is in dire straights financially. Random people on the street and in establishments care about us playing EvE because it is supporting their broken economy. It’s something interesting to keep in mind when you get cheered and applauded by patrons while exiting a coffee house.

After breakfast I made my way to an near-deserted Fanfest. To someone who doesn’t drink, seeing people hungover makes me happy I live the way I do. I missed the morning movie matinee so my first stop was the EvE/Dust Link roundtable, which was far too packed to get into. Interesting that so many people were interested in it, even though some pundits are so very angry that EvE isn’t just about internet spaceships anymore. More on my thoughts on that at a later date.

I got into the EvE Gate roundtable, and was again happy to see so many players giving such constructive feedback, even though it was very obvious many don’t care to use EvE Gate all that often. My major issue I had was that CCP seems to only want to connect players with their accounts and ignore the obvious other options social networking can offer. For my part, I suggested an EvE meet location-based double-blind invite system. How would it work? Let’s say I live in Toronto (which I do) and I want to set up a meet. EvE Gate would know my location and I would input a physical radius from which my message would be sent out to any other capsuleers within that designated area. Double-blind basically means I would not know who was receiving the invites until they responded to it. A single privacy setting could control if you wanted to receive such invites or not. As I have attempted to organize EvE meets in the past and have always had issues getting the word out (the forums are a lousy place to do it) and as I think meets are important to the camaraderie that capsuleers enjoy, such a system would be very successful. The devs obviously had never thought of it, and one was furiously jotting stuff down on her macbook as I spoke. A good sign, I’d say.

At noon was Planetary Interactions. The major consensus was that CCP had done good things so far but there were little issue to be fixed. For instance, storage facilities were useless and needed to be fixed, and everything used boatloads of power grid but almost no CPU. Initially we voiced the assumption that operations related to DUST would even that out, but judging from the body language and responses of the devs, it was just an oversight and will be fixed. Another issue was colour and definition on certain planet types and while laying blue-white extractor heads on white backgrounds. Simple fixes there.

at 1300 I got some wicked seats from the PvP finals. The matches were entertaining enough that I completely forgot about the sniper bids I was planning to lay down at the silent auction. Rainbow Vexors and teams firing at installations/each other really got the room laughing. Good times.

Before CCP Presents I managed to get a few more Live Agent missions done, including walking while balancing a hardcover of Empyrean Age on my head and answering petitions. All my points went to the Republic, and was pleased to find out later that night that because of our hard work the next Fanfest would be Minmatar-themed. Big shout-out to all my Matari brothers and sisters who went to bat for our people.

CCP Presents was… wow. Great presentation. I won’t go into too many specifics about it because you really should watch it yourself. It should be up on Youtube soon. Combining it with the impressions I got from the Keynote, I am very pleased with how much EvE has grown and on the whole happy with what CCP has planned. After Incarna is released this summer (for the record, I am one of those that think that the Captain’s quarters and getting more than just spaceships is a good thing), the focus on fixing old issues and building with what we have will be the name of the game around CCP offices (turrets, nebluae, FW… the list goes on), and that is a good thing. I really don’t want to say anything about DUST until much closer to release, but the major trailer they presented about how it could all tie together really had a lot of people jazzed for the future and will certainly have the internets buzzing for a while.

I stayed for the CCP Panel and found it informative but far too short.

After hanging out a bit with some friends, I headed back to the hotel to get myself ready for the party, only to fall asleep and miss the whole thing. Not happy about it, but I heard it got very crowded very quickly and was not all that fun, despite the awesome music. I did get myself some internet money though.

Next morning, after having a bite and packing, I headed off to the Blue Lagoon. The weather was still cloudy and grey, but the hotsprings were a fantastic experience. The water was extremely pleasant and scorching hot in places (just the way I like it). The algae makes the pools almost a florescent, otherworldly blue. I richly partook of the silica mud, which did my oily skin some favours. Standing under the waterfall was like getting assaulted but a thousand baby boxers. Chilling out with my fellow capsuleers and not having to worry about running to a roundtable or a presentation was very enjoyable.

Finally it was time to say goodbye to Iceland and fly home, which was thankfully uneventful. I am beginning to understand why people dislike flying.

All in all I came in about a hundred and change under my budget. I bought myself one of those limited edition leather jackets with the Minmatar logo on it, and it should be arriving within 4-6 weeks. Other than that I bought one or two things for one or two people, but nothing crazy. I did neglect to get something from the Blue Lagoon for my mother though. Sorry, mommy. I considered getting the board game but decided it would be difficult to find anyone to play with.

I have plenty to write about in the near future, detailing everything from thoughts I have about the future of EvE to the new CSM and other things. Next weekend I will be recording a special Fanfest Edition of Complete Geek Radio, and plan to have a few special guests on with me.

I am eagerly awaiting contact from CCP TonyG, but if anything has his email, please pass it along.

Everyone is asking if I want to go back. The answer is a big yes, but I don’t know if I can. Next year I need to go to PAX East to pimp my podcast, and while that hopefully won’t pulverize my wallet like Fanfest did, I am not sure I can justify both trips. We’ll see what the future holds.

Now begins the task of recovering from the costs of this trip, and hopefully getting Air Canada to reimburse me for my lost day in Boston.


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3 Responses to “(OOC) The Road To Fanfest – Day 3 and 4”

  1. The EvE/Dust Link roundtable is something i tried into to. But had the same problem. PVP finals was fun also. But it was good my friend or you (dont remember) reminded me of the silent auction, otherwise i wouldnt have won the final bids on the faction pins! It setted me back like 12500 ISK tho. But hey, atleast its charity right? Atleast they look cool.

    CCP Presents was cool. Altho it got a big tiredsome at some points tho. But the information presented there was awesome. Specially the last trailer.

    Overall was a fun fanfest. Jealous that you had time to go to the blue lagoon. I so wanted to go there but my flight back The Netherlands flew at 7.55 AM. Had to take the 4.45 AM bus to the airport.

    Looking forward to the next Fanfest and hopefully, if your budget allows it (and mine too haha), we might see each other at another Fanfest! I had a blast.

    (Or the chubby guy with the goattee and “Can i have your stuff” T-Shirt that was visiting Fanfest with the tall guy im the Caldari shirt. In case you forgot our names, which i always personally do to be honest. o___o)

    • You know they other pair we were hanging with? The tall one and the short one? The short one won the pins!

  2. yes, i’m the short ones with the pins :-P. That remind me that i still need to hang the pins somewhere and upload a picture.

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