(OOC) The Road to Fanfest – Day 2

Wow. Sleep gooooood. I woke up surprisingly refreshed. My room may be sparse but my bed is very comfy. After getting my bearings after such an epic snooze, I wrote up my blog post, cleaned myself up and went downstairs for breakfast.

I managed to find a good enough connection in the dining room to allow access to EvE itself, and got around to resetting my PI extractors. Luckily I had sufficient surpluses available that only one of the four came to a complete halt.

I made my way to Fanfest and quickly ran into some familiar faces. Things had yet to really get started. I also promptly ran into Roc… or should I say he “ran into” me? Man has granite shoulders…

First up after taking some video of a few sights and sounds was Unconventional Gameplay. Encountered some other members of the Ushra’Khan, which was nice. We don’t have a huge showing at Fanfest like, say, VETO, but we’re here. The talk was interesting and I got a few good bits in.

Then there was the Women in EvE roundtable. So far the best roundtable I had the pleasure of attending. While it made me sad to hear of stories of male players being incredible douchebags, I (along with Roc and CrazyKinux, who were also in attendance) made the note that women need to step up and not hide from these people. If you stand proud enough and loud enough and prove yourself just like any other capsuleer has to, you will be respected. I got applause for that. Also got to meet some very sexy and very dangerous Hellcats. I ❤ them so much!

Next up was the Content presentation in the Tranquility hall. This was quite different from the roundtable on day 1 as it was more of a Q&A session and there were more people there. Still got a lot of the same stonewalling from the crew though, sadly. However, I was very happy to be there because after seeing the apparent frustration regarding the lack of science complexity that EvE exhibits in the content from CCP TonyG, I ran to catch him as he was dashing to another roundtable. I informed him of the team I had assembled for the Canon Rewrite Initiative and that we were ready to serve. His eyes went wide. Apparently the entire Mercury team had been repurposed and the science aspect was up shit’s creek without a paddle. I gave him my card. He will be in touch.

They had to clear us out for the Keynote team to practice their presentation, so I grabbed some food, water, merch and Live Agent missions before lining up again.

The Keynote was amazing and a wonderful tease to the major announcements coming up at CCP Presents. There was a full overview of how CCP, EvE and Fanfest have grown and changed other the last 18 months. There was talk about major additions to the character creator, as apparently CCP has hired a major fashion designer to get a few virtual clothing lines out there. Tattoos and other body mods will be coming soon and in a big was as well. The war on lag rages on, but everyone was very impressed by the numbers and pretty graphs presented. The homour throughout was also top-notch. CCP Soundwave gave us a rundown of all the big and small changes made since last Fanfest to make the game sleeker, and told us about a few optimizations that were just coming out of the pipe now such as major changes to how agents work.

After that I palled around with the guys from the Tweetfleet, as CK wanted to interview us for PC Gamer and take some group photos. We make a very bright group and obviously each of us has a keen ear to the ground when it comes to this wonderful community. A fantastic bunch of guys brought together by stirring debate. I need to ask CK if the article will appear in print or just online.

I chilled out (OK I passed out for a bit) before Chessboxing. I honestly didn’t know if I would enjoy it, but I really did. Maybe CCP can include a Chessboxing simulator in Incarna.

Fleets quickly formed up for the crawls. I signed up for the coffee crawl as I don’t drink, and had a fantastic time meeting even more amazing people and having some fantastic food. I am worried I may leave Iceland without sampling the lamb though. I must make sure that does not happen, or make up for it when I return home.

I am handing out a prodigious amount of cards for CompletGeekRadio.com and look to give out even more today.

I passed out pretty quickly when I got back to my room, and even though I got less than 8 hours, I am really jazzed about hitting the biggest day of Fanfest with everything I got. Tonight is certainly going to take everything I got. I also need to confirm when other people are going to be at the Blue Lagoon tomorrow.

Today I will be sporting jeans, the red MMA Elite hoodie and a black shirt that reads “Live in your world, die in mine”. Stop me and say hi!


~ by psychediver on 03/26/2011.

5 Responses to “(OOC) The Road to Fanfest – Day 2”

  1. I saw your bald head on on the live stream… Good to know youre alive even though you don’t respond back :p

  2. I (along with Roc and CrazyKinux, who were also in attendance) made the note that women need to step up and not hide from these people. If you stand proud enough and loud enough and prove yourself just like any other capsuleer has to, you will be respected.

    Sorry. I’m going to have to call you on this a bit. Your solution to the fact that EVE is riddled with misogynistic abuse is that the women need to do more about it? Really? And not that there are more than a few men who need to GTFU.

    And you meant to write the following: If you stand proud enough and loud enough and prove yourself much more than any other capsuleer has to, while they scream abuse and/or patronise at you, you might be respected by a few people.

    • The woman who got me into the Ushra`Khan was seriously tough and a fantastic FC. I respect her because she is skilled. Her being a woman has no effect on my view of her.

      I fear pirates because of the Hellcats. Them being women has nothing to do with it.

      Many respect the CSM now because of the leadership Mynxee provided. Her being a woman has nothing to do with it.

      I met many fantastic and skilled pilots at Fanfest. Many of them were women. Them being women has no effect on my view of them.

      Rage all you want at men, but believe it or not everyone in New Eden gets shit on until they prove themselves, me included. Women who hide behind male avatars, avoid voice comms and give losers who ask to see their tits an ounce of their consideration are only doing themselves a disservice.

      I meant what I wrote.

  3. Its good that most guys think positively about female people in Eve Online. I personally i know my ex girlfriend. Who got into Eve Online cause of me. However she only does LVL 4 missions cause she cant handle the losers who always “Bash” cause she is a girl. She overreacts it a little bit but its impacting her Eve time and thats a shame.

    I hope more people act normal or get over themselfs and start playing Eve Online with in mind that they might run into girls and can act normal around them. When i heard you got a applause, i was happy i got to hang around someone who had the same understandings.

    Overal day 2 was fun. I didnt go to many of the things that you went to. But thats ok. I had fun. I will not forget Chessboxing. Me getting hyped by a sport is a rare thing haha. I will want to see that again! Cheers.

    • If you are still in contact with your ex, let her know there are those of us that hope she perseveres!

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