(OOC) The Road to Fanfest – Day 1

Waking up in Boston I headed to Logan airport expecting to wait almost 11 hours alone, mostly reading anything I could get my hands on to pass the time. For a few hours I did exactly that, until two guys also sitting by the soon-to-open Icelandair kiosks asked me if I was headed to Iceland for Fanfest. We quickly became friends over stories of roleplaying and ship fittings. Apparently we were quite loud, since over the course of the next few hours we turned into a group of five. We all had dinner once we passed customs and chatted about everything from world events to player psychology.

The flight was uncomfortable and I did not sleep. Honestly I don’t know how people sleep on a plane at all. One lesson I learned is that the isle seat is always preferable, as you have the option of going to the bathroom even if the two businessmen beside you have fallen asleep. Le sigh. I watched the Wall Street remake, which was not bad.

Landing in Iceland, I found it was the morning and Fanfest was mere hours away. By the time I got to the Loftleidir hotel and squared myself away, there was no chance to sleep. At least the breakfast was good. I think I am starting to like pickled herring. As the ATM at the airport gave me some trouble, I was worried that I had once again been the victim of identity theft, but luckily that was not the case. Now if I can only stop giggling when the cabbie asks me for isk…

Oh, if you ever do come to Iceland, be aware that there is a very interesting smell coming from the ocean. Sulphuric in a way but not unpleasant after an hour or two.

Arriving at Fanfest, I immediately began to make new friends and contacts, some of which were very interested that I had a blog, podcast and youtube show. Networking is fun! The teams from EON and Battleclinic semed interested in working with me. A small group of us more of less stuck together the entire day, hitting roundtables and talks together. After going a bit nuts at the store (more on my purchases in a later post) a few of us signed up for Live Agent events and went to town on those (13 stars for the Republic so far!), which I plan to continue to do throughout the event. The Opening Ceremonies were OK but uninteresting, as it was just on overview of what was going on. I managed to hit Design Democracy, which was fun times. It has probably been uploaded already but we created a Caldari BC called the Osiris. Very spider-looking.

I wandered more than I thought I would and didn’t hit as many talks as I thought I would. I caught bits of the CSM and alliance leader panels, which had their ups and downs. A fair disappointment was the PvE roundtable, which was more or less players bringing great suggestions on how to improve them, and the devs saying they would never get the resources to pull it off. Am I supposed to be excited that they are brining the Aura VO back to the NPE? How does that effect me?

Managed to run into Roc and a few others I knew personally. Sadly, CrazyKinux still eludes me. In fact since I didn’t have my electronics with me, I was unable to tweet as @GigaerPrano or even take pics/vids. That will not be the case today.

Took a crack at the open PvP just before it shut down for the day. Tried a Rupture fit but didn’t do so well. Was going after a Vexor and a Caracal came at me and controlled range for long enough to break my active armour tank. Looking back on it, I know the mistakes I made and I’ll chalk them up to exhaustion and PvP noobness. Hoping to learn a lot more before Fanfest is over.

Around 1830 I found I could no longer sustain myself. I had a quick burger with a dev from Alberta and caught a cab back to my hotel to sleep.

As I write this it is about 0815 on Friday and it looks as wet as ever outside. I need to get myself fed and cleaned up. Hopefully I will have the strength to post tonight.

IF YOU ARE AT FANFEST AND WANT TO MEET ME, I SIGNED UP FOR THE COFFEE CRAWL! Or today if you see someone wearing jeans, a Quafe tee and a red MMA Elite hoodie, that’s me.

See you on the show floor!


~ by psychediver on 03/25/2011.

5 Responses to “(OOC) The Road to Fanfest – Day 1”

  1. Glad to see you’re having fun.

  2. Cheers for the write up, sounds like a lot of fun!

  3. I swear i have not seen someone as tired as you were for a very long time. First day was fun!

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