(OOC) The Road to Fanfest – Epic Fail

I want to give a bit of weight to the events of the day. I have not had a vacation that involved going anywhere in 17 years and this is my first time flying alone. Also I have been wishing to go to Fanfest for 3 years.

My route was to take an American Airlines flight out of Toronto to Boston, and then off to Iceland. I was actually supposed to meet up with CrazyKinux in Boston since we were both on the same flight.

Well, AA cancelled the flight at the last minute and handed me off to Air Canada in order to connect to Boston. I was assured that I would make my connection. After going through customs once more I waited for my Air Canada flight, which was delayed twice. Upon arriving in Boston and sprinting to the Icelandair check-in, I was told flatly that the plane had departed a good hour AHEAD of schedule. I am told this is normal.

So… stranded in Boston for 24 hours. Finding a room was no small miracle since there is this huge seafood convention in town and the whole city is almost booked solid. Food isn’t happening unless I can find something open near midnight so I need to see what I can find.

Tomorrow I am more of less stuck in the airport for about 11 hours.

Upset really doesn’t even scratch the surface.


~ by psychediver on 03/22/2011.

6 Responses to “(OOC) The Road to Fanfest – Epic Fail”

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  2. Hang in there, you’ll make it. I hope.
    So, sleeping in the airport?


    • No. Logan kicks people out at 2am. Managed to find one of the last few rooms in the city.

  3. Flight leaving EARLY?! I’ve never even heard of that in all my years of travelling.

  4. Awww that really suck dude. Don’t worry, when you get there it will all be worth it I’m sure. Good luck!

  5. Thanks for the well-wishes, friends. 🙂

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