(OOC) Fanfest 2011 – Man With A Plan

Giddy is a good word to describe my state when the Fanfest schedule went up on the site. It was difficult to choose what to go to and I am sure I will make changes at the last minute, but this is the plan so far.

1000h – Royal Rumble open PvP. Observation and study mostly, but I may take a shot at it.
1430h – Opening Ceremonies.
1500h – Fansites. Have been considering it for my blog for some time. Need info. Should be interesting.
1600h – Web Development.
1700h – Nice People, Bad Players. Psychological and sociological debate? I can’t resist.
1900h+ – Battle of The Bands. Dinner. Friends. Fun.

1100h – Unconventional Gameplay. Another look at how the minds of the playerbase can work.
1200h – Check out the PvP tournament for excitement and study.
1300h – Content. Yes.
1500h – Keynote. Where we have been and where we are going.
2000h – Chessboxing. Maybe not the most important, but chances are the most hilarious.

1000h – API. As with the web dev talk, vastly important to EvE’s future innovation.
1100h – EvE/DUST link. As a console gamer, very interested.
1200h – Planetary Interaction. I’ve been enjoying it so far and would love to see how it could be pushed further.
1300h – PvP Finals. Good times.
1500h – CCP Presents. Also known as World Domination. Not to be missed. This is where all the big stuff happens.
1700h – CCP Panel. I may have a question or two.
ROXOR @ 2100h and Permaband @ 2145. Hoping to pick up albums. May stick around for other music.

Interspersed in all that will be good food and good friends. An alliance meet is also in the works. At night I will be blogging and organizing any media I managed to obtain (sourced a friend’s Macbook to take with me in order to get stuff done). Even after such a vigorous schedule, it will be impossible to go to every panel I want to. My kingdom for a jump clone! The panels I do go to, expect me to be prepared with a notepad, recording equipment and solid questions.

Shopping will also come into play. Any EvE wearables I can find, the board game, etc… maybe just as important, I need to find somewhere selling vials of real volcanic ash. I have managed to save up quite a bit for this trip and I don’t intend to leave without loot!

Hoping to be able to hit the Blue Lagoon on the 27th before my flight.

Next few posts will be from fanfest!

Can’t wait!



~ by psychediver on 03/21/2011.

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