(OOC) In Search of Pew-Pew – Part 5

Warning: Moderate amounts of fail ahead.

Sadly, my schedule did not open up as welcomingly as I had initially hoped. The chances of me finding time to fly between now and Fanfest are nil.

Therefore, I am revamping this endeavor. Short-term goals will be to learn as much about PvP (along with everything else I can pack into my brain) at Fanfest as possible. I will be taking notes at seminars. I will be conversing in meatspace with corpies and alliancemates in order to source a tutor and pick up tips.

Long-term is to not just get that first kill, but blog about my journey to PvP proficiency. A lofty summit to be sure.

My Fanfest learnings will be the subject of my new Pew-Pew post, so look forward to it!


~ by psychediver on 03/20/2011.

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