(OOC) Certificates: Concept Ineffectiveness And Solutions

Lately I’ve been V’ing out some support skills, and as a consequence some of my certificates have been upgrading. This has led me to give certs some renewed attention. Certificates were meant to facilitate certain holes in player communication precieved by CCP. These were:

1. Player to player/corp – Certs could be used to show off aquired skills to other players. This was also meant to be used as a benchmarking tool for recruiting corps.

2. CCP to noob – Certs acted as guides to players who didn’t understand how skills acted long-term.

While the second point probably met with a decent amount of success, I doubt the first has at all. Previous to certs, players used their limited-use APIs to convey vital data effectively. Sites like Eveboard made that relatively safe for all involved. Today, little has changed. Not once has a recruiting corp I have run into not asked for my API, and I can’t honestly recall a time when I’ve actually looked at another player’s certs on a whim.

In my opinion, certain changes need to be made to make the option viable and attractive, first at the corp head level, and second at the base assumptions behind the certs themselves.

Single players won’t bother looking at the certs of other players. We don’t really care, it seems. Corp heads could however use certs if given certain tools such as being able to view, compare, benchmark and organize all the certs held by everyone in their corp. Corp heads could track how their employees are using their training time, and make suggestions in order to meet operational standards. This makes certs a dynamic and useful tool beyond recruitment, where it has obviously failed.

Secondly, the certificates themselves, or rather the skill benchmarks required to attain them, need to be brought up for community scrutiny, debate and revision. I have come across plenty of certificates where there seems to be little reasoning behind what skills are needed to attain a certain level of certificate. Allowing the community to retool them (for instance going to a 5-level system, adding a few certs for role specialization, and rebalancing skill levels per certificate) will not only make them a better tool for players of all SP ranges, but will bring them added credibility. The CSM could tap experts from all fields and professions within New Eden to consult on such matters. A reward for service would attract genuinely wise players (rewards for services rendered was something I also highly suggested in a previous post to attract people to singularity tests).

With these changes made, the certification system CCP wanted from the beginning would have a real chance to flourish among the playerbase.


~ by psychediver on 03/12/2011.

7 Responses to “(OOC) Certificates: Concept Ineffectiveness And Solutions”

  1. Inview certa as an effective tool Forbes players, like you said in point number 2. It helps to give a direction, and helps overcome some of the newbie what should I train obstacles.

    For veteran players, though, it reminds me a lot of the “gear score” that was implemented in that game that shall not be named. Yes, there are always benefits to having certain skills trained to V, (like AWU, oh how easy some fitting is with AWU V) but player skill still has a lot to do with it, and certificates will never be able to take that into account. Especially if someone just bought that brand new PVP toon off the bazaar.

    • Ok, typing on iPhone bad.

      First line should read “I view certs as an effective tool for new players.”

      And I even tried to proofread. Bad me.

    • And a vet should understand what he or she needs to train at a specific time­. I agree that there is a risk that some would become too dependent on certs but I doubt such a condition would last beyond the first few months of play.

  2. […] https://gigaer.wordpress.com/2011/03/12/ooc-certificates-concept-ineffectiveness-and-solutions/ […]

    • Thanks for the notice, guys! I`d love to hear any and all thoughts you have on it. Rant away! 🙂

  3. When I started eve I used certs to help me plan my skill training cue. However, I turned off their visibility to keep people from using them to gain intelligence about me in pvp situations.

    • My issue was obviously more towards player to corp, but yes I think most people run like that. I do. Maybe a notification to allow or deny popup when someone in local wants to see your certs would be useful.

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