(OOC) How To Kill A Star.

I often read Roc’s after-action reports, as he seems to get around (and get into interesting trouble) more often than I do. I also have… well, let’s call it a vested interest in his continued survival and growth.

Pulling plasma off of a star. Interesting. One could, in theory, destabilize a star by reducing it’s mass quickly enough, but the volume of plasma you would need to remove would be (pun intended) astronomical.

Sit a normal black hole next to a mid-sized star and it will still live for millions of years, as THIS VID demonstrates.

How could he produce this effect? Cyno fields have at their core artificial quantum micro-singularities. White or “naked” holes as some call them in the biz of crazy astrophysical craziness call them. This field bends spacetime just as all gravity does, but much more radically.

OK. Take a piece of paper and draw two points on it with a pen. The paper represents spacetime along the four major dimensions of our physical universe (height, length, width and time). Shortest distance between two points is obviously a straight line, but if you can bend the universe, again as all gravity does, then you can connect the two points along a new plane. Poke a hole through the paper connecting the two points. That is your wormhole or cyno. then when the paper is unfolded, you’ve not traveled at all, but arrived at your destination. The effort isn’t in moving through the universe, but folding the universe around you. Capsuleers do this all the time with warp drives and stargates, but those compress space in front and expand it in back (ever notice the extreme red and blue shifts while warping? Doppler effect). It’s conventional travel but with a loophole around the light speed limits. Cynosural field jumping and wormhole creation have the most in common with what I am trying to illustrate here. Connecting two points in the universe through quantum entanglement (beacon) and gravitational manipulation (jump field).

If he could sustain a field long enough, anchor it to the star’s core (taking it off the corona won’t do), and if it were large enough, he could rip a star in half and cause it to nova (or supernova if the mass of the remaining star was sufficient) prematurely, the delicate balance a star must maintain of outward fusion explosion and inward-pressing gravity sent into chaos. But the field would have to be able to take in a huge fraction of the star’s mass away almost instantly. How much? We’re talking several hundred 1G planets-worth. Such a cyno field would need a power source many times larger than the star he intends to destroy. Perhaps a supermassive black hole (like the kind that bind galaxies) would do it. How supermassive? Several hundred-million solar masses would be my guess. Not exactly something you come across mining veldspar.

Motive is also in question if that is his goal. He wants to “save” and induct (if put kindly) people in his civilization, but obliterating a whole system with a nova or worse would not only kill everyone in it, but would galvanize the rest of the galaxy’s population against him, as was done when he was first exiled.

What could Kuvakei be thinking?


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