(OOC) Create A Starship Contest II.

Last time we went about this, there were some great entries but I think I may have griped about a few of them a little much.

I have to say this time around we have a lot more professional-looking efforts being put forth. Great designs all for the most part. I just wanted to weigh in on a few entries that stand out to me as exceptionally good. One from every race sound good?

Serval – I would fly this, no question. It has the Minmatar look down perfectly without looking too shambly and is all kinds of menacing. I could see a small gang of these things plus a Scimitar inspire some serious fear in nullsec purely based on the visuals. I could see some interesting loadouts be created for the 4/4/3 layout being presented. Not sure how well the “Hunter-Killer” concept but I could see it working fairly easily as a way to expand the BC class. RP-wise, I love the little write-up about it using battleship-class engines, and I can fully picture this ship flying along on an oddly large engine flare. It also details how this ship inspired T3 ships and the use of Sleeper tech among Minmatar designers.

Prometis – Gallente ships tend to look bulbous and artsy, but rarely (if ever) do they come off as aggressive as this ship… and I love it. RP-wise, it’s made to utilize hit-and-run tactics (a Minmatar tactic), which is interesting since by now you’d think designers and design philosophies are cross-pollinating between the two empires. What I find odd is that the writeup says it has missile hardpoints (a first for a Gallente ship if I am right), and a 5/5/2 layout would be horrible for armour tankers (again, all Gallente ships are armour tanks). The literature might not be holding water, but the ship looks badass and I could easily see it as a crazy-fast blasterboat with a side of drones.

Peregrine – Finally a strategic ship offering that involves more than on setup. Not sure how well CCP would take to strategic battlecruisers but I gotta say I like this design. It’s noticably dirtier than your average Caldari ship but I think that might be a good thing. A 7/6/4 layout on a Caldari ship really does scream tough bastard but as a T3 it would obviously change depending on subsystems used. On the other hand I don’t really see T3 BCs coming out anytime soon, or really being all that useful. Frigates and battleships need T3 first. That said, the full sys.2 loadout on the right just above the subsystems looks sightly better to me than the sys.1 version.

Oblivion – This is a wonderful Amarr design, and for me to say something positive about an Amarr design and mean it is pretty big. This screams an imposing aura of imperial and holy confidence, and even I would drool at the sight of a fleet of these flying in a grid parade formation. I am also a big fan of that red trim that really isn’t seen often enough, and that victorian grill up front is sexy. Nothing about slots or stats, but being an Amarr battleship, I can imagine this being similar in attack profile to the Abbadon, but instead of a focus on broadsides, a focus on defense.


~ by psychediver on 01/24/2011.

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