(OOC) AFK Mining…To The Extreme!

As you may recall, I have indulged in the practice of AFK mining when missioning or PvP are not feesible. Letting my Mammoth pick away at a huge chunk of Concentrated Veldspar will net me around a mill for doing nothing, and since the alternative to making a mill is not, I see it as a worthwhile endeavour. It adds up.

Recently, I’ve given though to what AFK really means. I am not really AFK, but more AFG (Away From Game). I am often still at or near my computer, but my focus is elsewhere. The EvE client may be minimized, or the monitor may be off completely.

This weekend I gave actual AFK mining a try. I was out of the house periodically and even gave my friend a lift home, all while my Mammoth did it’s thing, wholly ignoring the rats native to a 0.7 system.

So I want to know from my readers: how long have you ever left a ship AFK mining? How far did you travel from your computer? How low was the security of the system you were in? Did you do anything crazy while AFK? Give us your best AFK story and be crowned the king or queen of EXTREME AFK MINING!!!


~ by psychediver on 01/17/2011.

4 Responses to “(OOC) AFK Mining…To The Extreme!”

  1. I have left an indy going overnight when I had first started playing, but it wasn’t really worth the trouble with the low volume.

    Now, I regularly AFK(G) Ice-mine and asteroid mine while I am at work. I will have my Mackinaw and Orca pilots sitting in a high sec ice belt all day in a minimized window at work. I usually set my phone to beep every 11 minutes (about two cycles) and move the ore from the Mack to the Orca. Every few hours I warp the Orca back to unload.

    Keeps my POS fueled, and takes pretty much zero effort. I used to run missions at work but lost a few Ravens to being called away to a meeting and forgetting that I was still fighting off the mission rats!

    Honestly, there are things in this game that require next to no attention, and I don’t feel bad in the slightest about giving them next to no attention.

  2. I once left my itty mining in a 0.7 and went to the other side of London from myself. Must have been 6 hours or so.

  3. Two different extremes from me.

    Firstly, I use to fit my Hulk with cargo expanders in the rigs and low-slots. I use to set it off in a high-sec system while I went down to my garage to tinker with my track-car. I use to pop back up every 15-20 minutes to re-dock, unload and set the ship off again. Never had problems, and it brought in some nice ISK.

    More recently I tried AFK(G) mining with my Covetor in my Wormhole with ABC ores while I revised. I even turned the speakers down so the turret noises wouldn’t disturb me. When two cycles were complete, I jettisoned the ore into a container. Somewhere during the third cycle, a flash from my screen caused me to look up just in time to watch my Covvy pop, along with my can. Last time I AFG in a WH!

  4. I used a covetor to do lvl1 mining missions a month or two ago… 3000 units of some quest ore with empty t2 strip miners. My son needed my attention for some 5-10 minutes, and hey, it was only me and that ore, there.

    Came back to red shields, armors and hull… panicky hits on a context menu with a touchpad didn’t help much, 10 seconds too late for a warp…

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