(OOC) I’m Wearing #Tweetfleet. Are You?

Anytime I am really playing EvE (not just ASK mining, for instance) I wear my dogtags. My tags have my name and that of my alliance. They are real and solid and remind me of the awesomeness that I have at my command. Having something like that is a great focus tool.

Today I heard that the podcast EvE Commune is in the final processes of creating their own wearable little something-something. A #Tweetfleet wristband. While you will be able to win one via the #evemoneyshot contest (basically the best portrait created using the new Carbon framework and submitted via Twitter) and future contests, I find that buying one will be a better option since all profits will go towards Project Halibut (which is “an initiative to help new players get over the learning curve that is Eve. We provide, ships, fittings and skills to any new player willing to share their limited API and answer some questions.”).

I will certainly be buying one for myself. I hope you do as well!


~ by psychediver on 01/13/2011.

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