(OOC) The Ship of Things To Come?

A little while ago I mused as to the idea of faction battlecruisers and how epic and non-game-breaking they would be. To say that didn’t get the wheels turning in my head about other ships and ideas would be an utter lie. Now that we have a basic idea of what is coming out for Incursion as far as new and fixed hardware, I would like to share what I have come up with.

Fix Marauders – Every ship class outside of base models needs a role. What I have never understood was what they were trying to do with the Marauders. I get that they are supposed to be tougher, but with that huge hole in their sensor strength they are only good for missioning, and when the A.I. improvements hit all missions, they won’t even be good at that. As PvE becomes more and more like PvP, what will happen to all those ships that are only used for mission-running? Marauders top that list and that needs to change. IMHO these ships are getting the extremely short end of what should be a badass stick.

Sub-Capitals – Sub-whatnow? OK a subcap is what you have in the Orca. In fact the Orca is the only one. It’s bigger than a battleship but not so big that is counts as a cap and can’t get through gates or get into empire space. What would a subcap class do? I envision them being heavy firepower against cap fleets and POS warfare, as well as centerpieces to roaming fleets and small to medium gangs. Not a win button, but something that could conceivably make fleet warfare a little more varied.

Fix Destroyers – Some like destroyers, but most don’t. Not fast enough to fight frigs classes, not strong enough to fight cruisers. Most fly Catalysts for salvaging, but now that we have the Noctis that isn’t really needed. It’s a stepping stone to Interdictors and as far as I can see, that’s it. So, while there is nothing as glaringly off as with the Marauders, I think a serious analysis of their stats and bonuses is needed.

Command Frigates – A good friend of mine had this idea when CCP asked for the first round of new ship designs. Command frigates would be small and fast gang/warfare link platforms. Not as versatile or as powerful as a Command Ship (though they will need to be renamed Command Cruisers) or a battlecruiser, but give it some decent stats and it would bring a terror to small roaming gangs the likes of which you only see these days in Curses.

I have other ideas, but most are very minor.  These are the big ones and probably the most controversial. I would love to know your thoughts!


~ by psychediver on 12/27/2010.

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