(OOC) CCP and The Story Thus Far…

It’s rare that I post about CCP Dev blogs, though I read each of them with immense interest. However, considering my EvE Canon Rewrite Initiative, I feel that Chronicles: With Acknowledgments To Mad Dogs by CCP Abraxas deserves special notice.

If anyone in the past has called CCP out for not supporting the fiction with enough vigour as was due, this should tell you that your voices have been heard, and your prayers may indeed be answered.

My only question is whether or not the science will be getting a fair look, as is the intention of the Initiative.  If TorfiFran, Abraxas and company are indeed committed to that, then my plans for the Initiative will change drastically as to meld with CCP’s efforts. If not, then we hold the course. I would very much like word from the powers that be about such matters, but I may just have to wait until Fanfest for my chance to speak.

~ by psychediver on 12/09/2010.

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