(OOC) Infomorph Psychology: Part Deux

As you know, I am primarily a mission-runner who is a member of a very well-known PvP alliance. While I have ships and jump clones in nullsec, it is rare for me to jump into one and go flying. The main reason is often that I just don’t have enough time to play, and the idea of letting my conciousness sit in a clone with no implants for an extended period of time does not suit me. Why take the hit on SP when I will barely be playing, right?

For quite a while I have yearned for a new skill that would cut down on that 24-hour timer. But what would that skill be called? How would it act? How fast would it train?

According to the TweetFleet and my own considerable creativity, the best monikers for such a skill would be:

Infomorph Resiliency – My favourite choice. Speaks directly to the RP concept we are trying to establish without putting too fine a point on it. A person who is able to handle great and consistant psychological stress is often refered to as resilient.

Infomorph Constitution – This is old-school awesomesauce. If EvE ran off a d20 system, this skill would require a constitution check. Dungeons & Dragons & Dreadnaughts.

Infomorph Sync – If this skill worked by somehow better synchonizing neural archetecture to rapid clone jumps, this would fit. Plus “Sync” is a very in word right now.

Infomorph Stability – A little bit more to the point than the above options but at the same time lacking a certain I don’t know what.

So which one do you like?

Right now the timer between jumps is 24 hours. I would like to see this skill reduce it to 20 hours at level I, 16 hours at level II, 12 hours at level III, 6 hours at level IV and 1 hour at level V. As such an increase in clone jumping would increase the server load substantially, I believe 1 hour should be the bare minimum if not already overly optomistic.

I would like to see it train as a Rank 8. Not fast but Vs would not be not unatainable.

How does this all sound to you? Have you been in the same situation as me? Would you train this skill? Would you change something?


~ by psychediver on 11/25/2010.

5 Responses to “(OOC) Infomorph Psychology: Part Deux”

  1. Interesting. I agree that a 24 counter is a little long.. but id say 1 hour is way too quick. Id say 6 hours should be the quickest… that way someone could move a few times in a day.. but not really abuse the server too much.

  2. 1 hour between clone jumps is far too little.

    It makes you plan having the long wait between clone jumps but I agree it can get very annoying!

    Level 5 rank 8 skill to get a 6 hour clone jump time sounds about right to me. (Make it a charisma skill :p )

    • The idea here is indeed to remove most if not all of the annoying. 🙂

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