(OOC) Making EvE Better: CSM Prioritization Crowdsourcing

I saw the link for this while logging in and I felt I had to do my part in getting the word out.

[CSM] November 2010 Prioritization Crowdsourcing

Regardless of the imperfectness of it, I believe the CSM is a wonderful and effective institution. Every CSM election I push for more voters to do their duty because it seems to be the only time when every capsuleer can get a real say. Sure, the Assembly Hall is a great place to voice yourself (and I really need to spend more time there) but it gets crowded. With prioritization crowdsourcing every few months, we can all get our say and have our opinions weighed and counted. This in turn not only steers the CSM in the direction that the community wants it to go, but also CCP directly.

Oh, if you’re wondering… 1,3,12,14,16,21,24,25,26,27,40,41,45,52,57,85,86,101,113,124,156 and feel free to ask me why.

PLEASE VOTE NOW!!! Prioritization Season ends at DT, Thursday Nov 25th, to allow time for vote-counting before the weekend CSM meeting.


~ by psychediver on 11/20/2010.

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