(OOC) Get Rid of Learning Skills? I Say Yes.

I heard a rumour a while back that CCP was thinking about ditching the Learning skills (by Learning skills I mean the skillset labeled under “Learning” which affect attributes directly and increase skill training speed). As a rumour, you could imagine how little information was behind it. None, really. Just a blip on Twitter.

Watching a fellow capsuleer train these skills up early in her life recently reminded me about my EvE career back when I was doing the same. Looking back, I find it disconcerting how my progression in the game felt like it came to a screeching halt for weeks while I constantly had to remind myself that such time now would pay out later. Truly it did, but what about those would-be players who were not as invested in EvE as I was? Is the new player experience psychologically hindered by these skills? Would the fragile interest of a noob be better served by doing away with the Learning skills?

Well, here is what I propose.

Firstly, the training times without all Learning skills maxed out are a joke, so instead of having players train up to those levels, I suggest they begin with those attribute totals (if you have not yet trained all your learning skills to max, log in right now and get on that). This way they can concentrate on training skills that will be more fun and will have a more solid interest in their early days, increasing their chance of playing long-term.

What about players who have already trained these skills? When the skills are removed, the SP locked up in those skills will be free for players to allocate however they wish in other skills.

This can be done during an expansion release fairly easily I would imagine. It would also allow CCP to rebalance total attribute levels throughout the playerbase if they were so inclined. Personally, a little faster would be a good thing in my humble opinion, or perhaps increasing the maximum allocatable amount of points to a certain attribute.

I also gave some thought to implants. Get it? Implants? Thought? Your head? Anyways… We could keep attribute-affecting implants, or remove them in favour of having 10 slots in which to play with skill-modding implants. If we were to remove attribute implants as they are, a reimbursement system would have to be set up since implants can be a tad expensive and I would rather not see all that ISK vanish. This does play into industry a bit, as implants will become a deeper source of creativity and the market should open up a bit if many more kinds of implants are offered. Personally, I would like to see attribute implants remain, but I would also like to see implants become a little more flexible and perhaps cheaper.

Players have been clamouring for being able to train characters simultaneously on a single account, but CCP will never allow that since it could take a huge bite out of their single-player-multiple-accounts numbers. Perhaps this is a step in a pleasant direction direction.

So what do you think?


~ by psychediver on 11/19/2010.

6 Responses to “(OOC) Get Rid of Learning Skills? I Say Yes.”

  1. I thought long and hard, and I disagree. I can see what you’re saying, but Eve is all about rewarding persistence and investment.

    If you want to be good at mining, you need to invest time and experience. If you want to be good at PvP, same deal. Learning skills are the same – you can choose to invest in them or not, and you deal with the result of your decision.

    There is nothing forcing a noobie to spend weeks training Learning skills, and any veteran who tells a new player to do so is part of the problem. With no Learning skills, you train at the normal rate. With Learning skills, you train at an accelerated rate. With implants, again, an accelerated rate. If you want to be better, stronger, faster – invest. If you don’t, don’t.

    The problem isn’t the Learning skills themselves, it’s this attitude that you’re fail if you don’t have them all to V. Noobies should be encouraged to train whatever they’re going to enjoy – whatever will hook them on the game long term. Why should they be as efficient at Learning as a veteran player, any more than they should be as efficient at mining or PvP?

    I’d bet there are stacks of inactive accounts with 2 weeks of Learning skills and nothing else, who borequit Eve because of bad advice. I’d also bet that few people quit in that first few weeks because they weren’t learning combat skills fast enough.

    Let the newbies get hooked, then they’ll decide for themselves if the investment is worth it. Learning skills aren’t broke.

  2. Also it’s not a simple matter of refunding the skillpoints invested in Learning. What about the skillpoint benefit you got from having the Learning skills in the first place?

    Player A starts Eve, learns all the Learning skills to IV then spends the rest of the year training at an accelerated rate.

    Player B starts Eve, doesn’t train Learning at all, and spends the year training at a normal rate. He ends up with way fewer total than Player A.

    At the end of the year you refund Player A the skillpoints he invested in Learning. But what about all those extra points he has in all his other skills, due to the benefit he gained from the Learning skills over the course of the year? Is he going to be happy to lose them? Is it fair to Player B that he keep them?

    Be careful what you wish for!

    • I appreciate the comments! I have to however disagree with you that it isn’t truly necessary. I was never really told to train them, but anyone would as soon as possible if they gave it serious thought. I wonder if you could find one serious player more than 6 months old who has not maxed out his learning skills. If I am right and such practices are so widespread, is it really necessary to have the skills at all?

      Apparently I am not the only one who thinks so, and you are not the only one disagreeing! http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Modify_or_Remove_Learning_Skills_(CSM)

  3. I’m an ’07 character with 30mil SP’s and I have 3 learning skills still at level 4. I’m stuck at that point where training them up to L5 wouldn’t benefit me short-term, and I’m too hungry for other skills to wait the 36 days needed to bump them up to the last level.

    I’m the same with my alt. He’s very new and I’ve trained his learning skills up to L4 for the first set, and L3 for the advanced set. Then I stopped because, once again, I’m not very patient and want to see him doing the other things.

    My girlfriend, on the other hand, has a character a little younger than my alt but she’s nearly trained all hers up to L5. Now her characters skill points have overtaken my alt’s because of her increased learning ability. But even though she has spent the time training them up to L5, she hasn’t seemed to begrudge that. She’s still had fun in the game.

    I don’t think there was one point where I thought ‘damn, I wish they’d just get rid of these’, though. I mulled over your point and was almost swayed, but after giving it a little thought I’d say I’d have to agree with Blackhuey in the end.

    But you raise a very good question. This would be an excellent discussion for CrazyKinux’s Blog Banter!


  4. Are you psychic?

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