(OOC) In Search of Pew-Pew – Part 3

2 Rifters.

2 Jaguars.

1 Wolf.

1 Crow.

1 Taranis.

1 Vagabond.

4 Drakes.

Enough ammo to glass a small moon.

All contracted to be carrier-jumped into our new stomping grounds in the Great Wildlands. Took me a while to ship them all to the new lowsec marshaling system (another 300+ hisec jump weekend) but it’s done. Did get my Mammoth popped by angry Amarr NPC gateguards while I stepped away for a few seconds (honestly my cloak dropped way too quick) but it’s been replaced.

Reds beware!


~ by psychediver on 11/08/2010.

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