(OOC) Why Pandemic Legion Disbanding Is A Good Thing

Pandemic Legion has been on my radar quite a while, winning many consecutive Alliance Tournaments as well as being war targets of the U’K. Two days ago, I came across THIS ARTICLE and THIS FORUM THREAD showing that due to internal strife and politics, PL is disbanding as I write this.

PL was a really skilled bunch of pilots and managed to really carve out a name for themselves in the community. While I wish them the best, I am happy to see them scatter. Why? Not to inflate their heads too much but they were just too good at what they did best, which was win the Tourneys. The final round of VIII was boring because you knew the outcome if you payed attention to previous matches. Pandemic Legion dominated every fight and as soon as we saw the ships come out you knew they had the round in the bag. Not to understate the matter, for whatever reasons, there were near-unbeatable. Good for them, bad for viewers, good for future alliances who are thinking ahead right about now.

Thinking of it as a professional sport, a lot of players who have multiple-championship pedigree have just gone on the open market. Alliance Tournament IX will be a very different game and I am extremely excited.

It makes me wonder about how many recruiters look at an applicant’s previous employers as an indication of a pilot’s skill. How many alliances will go back to vids of the last few alliance tourneys and take note of the names of the pilots in order to track them down and proposition them. Would these players garner a signing bonus of sorts? The PL tourney FC is probably one of the most sought pilots out there right now. If I were a corp or alliance executor, you better believe I’d be I would be.

Extremely excited.


~ by psychediver on 11/01/2010.

5 Responses to “(OOC) Why Pandemic Legion Disbanding Is A Good Thing”

  1. PL was hardly unbeatable during the matches, but also had some noteable advantages going into the final bracket.

    1. PL was placed on the right side of the bracket in tree view, their stiffest competition came from tourney newcomers Darkside.. All their other matches were against opponents of lower quality comparatively than either PL or HYDRA, while HYDRA had to face the gauntlet to even make it to the finals, having to beat, in order, LR., then RK, then CVA followed by Voltron, then against PL in the finals. Tougher matches to make it there made PL seem to be the easy favorite because they had such an easy time with their marginal competition.

    2. PL had the metagame advantage, they knew before the match what setup HYDRA would be operating with, and came up with an ideal counter fit to it.

    3. All this assumes that HYDRA showed up to fight the good fight in the first place. I would not put it past HYDRA to throw the last match the get the much better and more useful Frigate hulls as winners of second place over the less useful and wildly more expensive cruiser hulls as first place winner.

    None of this changes the fact that PL has been quite dominant in the past three tourneys, so since my alliance has a automatic entry to the next AT given the rules hold it will be nice to see a change.

    I think most of the pilots on the PL team and main contributors were all from the same corp, so whatever alliance recruits them will hold most of the cards in the future.

    • Thanks for such a great comment!

      I find it odd that, to my observations at least, PL seems to make much more use of the “metagame advantage” than anyone else.

      If the main contributors were all from the same corp and that corp is staying together, do we know where that corp is headed now?

      • According to eve-gate most of the final team seems to be a part of the Sniggerdly corp, with 2-3 people from NESW, or Black Omega Security. Certainly the top contributors were from Snigg.

        They are still in PL not sure where they are headed. As for the Meta-game advantage, PL has the dedicated people who spent their time working to gain that advantage, Raivi in particular was a known thorn in the side of the Genos/HYDRA team, stalking them as they moved their practice site on Sisi 2-3 times to try to avoid observation.

      • Do you think CCP should do more to restrict such prying?

  2. well since I am just a pve noob and keeps my nose yea semi out of this thing, It seems like a viable pvp effort has just gone but I don’t know much so meh.

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