(OOC) “Create A Starship” Semi-Finalists

I brings me a lot joy to see so many talents designers bringing their talents to bare on this contest, and now that we are down to the semi-finalists, I thought I would weigh in on the contenders.

You can see the semi-finalist entries HERE and all entries HERE. I would like to hear from people who think that a certain ship should have gotten further in the contest and why.

Atlas – Nice, sleek and unique, but this better be a drone boat because I have no idea where you would put turrets without killing the style.

Arq – I have no idea what this ship is supposed to be other than a collector’s item.

Naru-Kami – Loving this ship. Sleek and sexy. It almost looks like a CONCORD ship. It looks crazy fast.

Ascendancy – Fascinated by the engine layout. It looks amazingly powerful. I would love to see this skinned.

Nergal – Um. No.

Bes – Even more no.

Tornado – Oh hot damn. This really made me perk up and take notice. To think you could take the same design ideas as a Tempest and make something this awesome. I could see this easily winning. I want it to win. I want to fly this ship!

Cyruk’Valem – Top marks for a creative name and the ship doesn’t look bad either. I could see this being scary fitted with pulse lasers.

Tsunami – I hate to say it. I know it’s blasphemous. I gotta say it. It looks faster than a Vagabond. There, I said it.

Masonis – I have no idea where to look. It really doesn’t have any defining features.

Omega – So we are just taking letters now and turning them into ships? Are we being that obvious?

Gatekeeper – If this replaced the Rokh, I don’t think a single person would complain. Love the drive core. Love the lines. This would be scary coming at you.

Okhos – … *sigh* moving on.

Vision – I’m not a fan of Jovian ships, and I doubt they would just leave us battlecruisers.

Yuh – I say this becomes and NPC ship. Just have them flying about.

Going back over the other entries, it dawned on me that a lot of people designing these ships designed them for themselves and not CCP. A distinct lack of understanding can be seen in regards to racial aesthetics as well as simple things like where to put turrets. For instance, the Ascendancy had one turret designed into it. One.

It’s pretty obvious which ships I like, but if I had to pick one for the winner, I’d say the Naru-Kami. The likelihood of a non-racial ship winning this one is high considering how CCP likes to do things. Still, CCP should keep the Tornado, Gatekeeper and Cyruk’Valem on file for Tier 3 options.


~ by psychediver on 10/21/2010.

5 Responses to “(OOC) “Create A Starship” Semi-Finalists”

  1. inclined to agree here whats even more gutting is that our own Roc’s didnt even make the cut when in my eyes it was of far better design than some of them there.

    *shrug* we will see what comes of it 😀

    • I liked his design, but perhaps a new ship class was more than CCP was willing to take on at this point. His concept was sound though.

  2. Even though the Si’me didn’t make the semi-finals, I got to stay true to the ships I love…

    Tsunami has my vote.

    • I would say it has a real chance. Cruiser sizes are most popular from what I understand.

  3. I was seriously disappointed in the results. The original didn’t include the Tornado! I think the Tornado was the hands-down best even before the finals – in this lackluster group I think it is the clear winner.

    The Naru-Kami is the only other one that I think comes close. The Tsunami is also cool and I would definitely fly it – but I’d size it to be an Interceptor or Assault Frigate.

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