(OOC) Factional BattleCruisers? Yes Please!

I’ve toyed with this idea among the TweetFleet and always gotten the same response of woot but nothing really on how it should be done. The idea specifically being that the BattleCruiser class should have special factional variants. Time to change that.

I propose four new ships. The Tribal Issue Hurricane, the Federate Issue Myrmidon, the State Issue Drake, and the Imperial Issue Harbinger.

All fancy names, but what would they actually be? First I’ll be going over what the ship is considered to be now, and then I’ll go over the upgrades that the factional variant would have. Now, usually factional variants have and extra slot, better resists and rebalanced (more forgiving) PG and CPU, but they are always extensions of the concepts that brought the original ship success. The idea is that upon that success top-level engineers refined the design. We’ll be following the same patterns here.

First, the Hurricane. EvEWiki has this to say about it,

The Hurricane emphasizes firepower over defenses when compared to the Cyclone. The “‘Cane” can be used in variety of fittings, including as a typical close-range “brawler” fitted with autocannons and armor repairers or/and armor plates, a “berserk” configuration with passive armor-plated tank and up to three damage mods to maximize damage (a fitting occasionally used to suicide-attack packs of sniper ships at near point-blank range), an artillery configuration or even the outdated high-speed nanofiber configuration. With its above average looks, relatively high damage efficiency as an artillery platform and great capabilities for gang work in close-range fittings, the Hurricane has won the affection of many a Matari pilot.

I love the Cane, so giving it some more love is a joy for me (it was hard for me not to go overboard). Firstly I would increase its base speed to about 180 m/s in order to give it a faint resemblance to a a speed tank, since people seemed to have wanted it in the first place. Not as fast as a cruiser, but certainly holding the title for fastest BC. I also want to give it an extra low slot, as it seems to be the most popular slot level to work with. When I first flew a Hurricane, the weapon setup seemed very odd to me. 8 highs, 6 turret and 3 launchers? I think the Tribal Issue should have 8 turret and 2 launchers. I toyed with more drones, but I figure it is powerful enough. Give it slightly better resists in keeping with factional issues and a colour scheme of the Tribal Tempest (new wingy bits and all that glowy red stuff on darker stuffs), and we’re sitting very pretty!

Next, the Myrmidon. EvEWiki says:

Revelations release, the Myrmidon is the Gallente drone battlecruiser. Just as a Brutix is potent in the hands of turret users, the Myrmidon is equally as imposing in a drone specialist’s grasp. Boasting a 6/5/6 slot loadout, the Myrmidon can be fit very flexibly, but the most common setup is to place Nosferatu in the highs, Electronic Warfare in the mids, and a ferocious tank in the lows, enjoying the same repair bonus as the Brutix. Another popular setup is having the ship as a passive shield tanker. With that configuration, it can even rival a Drake‘s tank.

With a 125 m3 drone bay supported by the Myrmidon’s drone bonus, the ability to sit back and drain an opponent while five Heavy Drones work them over makes the Myrmidon a very respectable foe. With the release of a later patch in Revelations II, which introduced bandwidth, the Myrmidons ability to field 5 heavy drones has been reduced to three, via its 75MB/s bandwidth limitation. its drone bay has remained the same.

Well, I think we all know what the Federate Issue needs, don’t we? Along with an extra mid slot, let’s see the return of a Myrm flying five Heavy Drones! Increase the bandwidth to allow for five heavies and increase the dronebay size to increase its versatility. Again up the resists and give it the two-tone black that the Federate Megathron has, and this is one crazy awesome droneboat!

On to the Drake. EvEWiki says:

The Drake was added in the Revelations patch, boasting one of the most impressive combinations of tank and firepower in the battlecruiser class. Capable of mounting seven Heavy Missile Launchers, the Drake can swat NPC ships aside with ease, while using none of its considerable capacitor to do so (allowing the Drake’s resistance bonuses and other systems to be further supported). Drakes are great for small fleet actions, as long as they’re supported. But, as with all missile boats, it’s not so hot when trying to fling its arsenal at dying ships in much larger battles.

Love them or hate them, this would probably be a very popular upgrade, since so many people have Drakes already. Here I see an extra hi slot plus a corresponding launcher hardpoint (actually if you look at the model it really looks like it was made with 8 hardpoints in mind). Honestly an extra low or mid would have been a waste. Once again, we up the resists and give it that bitchin charcoal and red scheme that the Nighthawk rocks so hard (yes it should have that dark grey with faint yellow detailing like the State Issue Raven, but for crying out loud it is so bland and ugly that I couldn’t bring myself to recommend it), and you may just say goodbye to your “faildrake” mantra.

Finally, we have the Harbinger. EvEWiki says:

The Harbinger is a battlecruiser straightforwardly meant to deal incredible damage. With 7 turret hardpoints and 8 high slots, this ship is built purely for DPS. Many popular Harbinger fittings include energy vampires to spare the capacitor, armor plating for a tank buffer, and an abundance of heat sinks to optimize damage output.

Seems pretty straightforward, right? My first inclination was to give it that 8th turret point, but I figured that would guzzle the cap so much it would make the ship unusable (sorry, I don’t fly slaver ships so this unhealthy dependency on cap is new to me). A mid slot would allow for more cap management mods which would make the ship more reliable. I would also increase the cap recharge rate just a little to give it that extra resilience. As for the look, the Paladin’s crimson detailing and the darker gold would go well, but anyone who knows me will tell you I have a bit of a soft spot for those Khanid Kingdom rebels and their black ships! Doing that, I had such an urge to make it a missileboat as well. Sadly, Khanid colours and missiles don’t go with the “Imperial Issue” name. Have I mentioned I don’t fly Amarr?

And there you have it. The Tribal Issue Hurricane, the Federate Issue Myrmidon, the State Issue Drake, and the Imperial Issue Harbinger. Four ships that I think would be extremely fun to fly and would breathe some new life into factional issue ships.


~ by psychediver on 10/19/2010.

2 Responses to “(OOC) Factional BattleCruisers? Yes Please!”

  1. Given that everyone seems to fly ‘Canes and Drakes anyway, any sort of buff for them doesn’t seem right. They are the BC of choice for those races, I’d prefer to have the other BCs buffed instead.

    • We are talking about factional upgrades. Probably only available through LP which would make them quite expensive. Factional upgrades have been a little over the top in the past because of their rarity.

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