(OOC) An EvE Podcast?

The EvE podcasting community is an interesting entity.

While there is a huge group of very talented EvE bloggers out there, the number of people who have even tried to start an EvE podcast is unusually low by comparison. EvE podcasters seem to often slip into prolonged hiatuses and lose their listeners, or quit entirely. I can understand this as I know exactly how much work and dedication is needed to run a podcast well. Complete Geek Radio has cost our little organization over $1000 and well more than 100 man-hours to put out just 11 shows. The return thus far has been more personal satisfaction than anything else.

Still, I am very interested in starting up an EvE podcast. I think I have the experience and the resources to make it happen consistantly and happen well. What I need though are cohosts. If you are an EvE blogger interested in perhaps cohosting a monthly podcast with me, please comment here and I will be in touch. I am looking for dedicated capsuleers who feel they can offer more to the community than they already do. Is that you?


~ by psychediver on 10/13/2010.

6 Responses to “(OOC) An EvE Podcast?”

  1. I tried awhile back to make an All-Pirate podcast, but the overhead necessary to complete the editing (while interesting to do) wasn’t something I could commit to on the time table originally intended. Combined with a coincidental stretch of RL-ass-kickery, I was unable to carry on the project.

    In short, I’m very interested in trying to get back into that, though perhaps not in the sound-editing side of things 😛

    • I would certainly like to have someone on the crew who is familiar with piracy. I will be in touch.

  2. Are you looking for a mix of skills and talents or a focused crew?

    Are you reporting news of the day or tips for new players or more advanced stuff?

    Comedy or serious bzns?

    I’m the kind of guy who asks questions before volunteering anything. This practice has saved my ass and back more than once.


    • “Expertise” is easy to come by. Chemistry and eloquence matter more. You need to make the listener want to listen, not have to listen to learn.

  3. /me chuckles

    EXPERTS are easy to come by, expertise may be something else entirely. So how do you plan on determining chemistry, do I have to pee into a cup again?


    • A few Skype chats would do pretty well to determine if we can keep a good convo going.

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