(OOC) In Search of Pew-Pew – Part 2

Online time has been impossible to come by for the last week or so, and when I finally found the chance to read my evemails I find that my nullsec shipment did in fact make it to its destination, but soon after got shipped back after orders to pull out of that system.

Events like this are not uncommon in this alliance. We don’t hold space for long and we are trained to be on the move constantly. Guerrilla tactics. We have a pretty skilled capital fleet that helps everyone move stuff whenever orders like this come down.

I can’t decide if I am lucky I didn’t move down there yet or not. I do know that if I had accepted those return contracts earlier my stuff would probably have all been lost. On the other hand if I was down there I may have forced myself to find time to play and had an alternative to having my stuff to hisec, where I will now have to pay for another shipping contract.

Oh well. For now I wait on orders, run some mission and try to figure out PI.

On the positive side, I have spent quite a bit of time on EFT constructing and collecting several good fits for any ship I may be flying in the relatively near future. Now I won’t have to go scrounging for fits when I need them.

The quest continues!

~ by psychediver on 10/11/2010.

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