(OOC) What Is In A Name?

A Twitter convo with @TheEpicWizard over naming EvE ships has prompted me to blog about how I go about giving my own rides that personal touch.

I give every ship hull a different name, one that is important and sentimental to me, as well as in keeping with the spirit of the ship and how I fly it. For instance, All my Rifters share a name. Each is given a roman numeral to indicate its place in the line. My Jaguars have a different name, even though it is the same hull with the Rifter. The fits evolve over time but the names stay the same.

The names I’ve come up with so far are:

Rifter = Haruko – The name of a crazy and destructive alien woman from the anime FLCL. Watch it and you will know. I wish I could strap a Richenbacker 4400L to my hull and paint it yellow…

Mammoth = Convoy – Optimus Prime’s original Japanese name.

Maelstrom = Ryumon Hozukimaru – Dragon Crest Demon Light. In reference to how awesome it looks with a shield booster running.

Jaguar = Tigra – After the Thundercat with the mad whip skills. Figured since the Jag is a pretty good tackler and has a feline name.

Drake = Romi – After the sentient A.I. of the Andromeda Ascendant. She was a hardcore sexy missle-spamming bitch too.

Catalyst = Rake – I use it as a mission salvager, sorta looks like a rake head, and when I bought it I had just played Penny Arcade Adventures and was high on using garden tools to defeat elder gods.

Noctis = Kirby – After the vacuum and the little pink guy.

Taranis = Ichi – meaning “one” as in the single drone capability that no other interceptor can use.

Crow = Ikki – Ikki from the manga Air Gear is often refered to as a crow, and he is a speed god as well. I love that manga.

Hurricane = Hyboria – The name of Conan’s continent as described by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The ship reminds me of a Hyborian boat with paddles on the sides for slaves to row.


More to come as I fly new ships. I’ll also need to try and remember ships I flew before I started naming them and give them names as well. In the future as I post more fits (I’ve been playing with EFT a lot lately) I’ll christen new ships at the same time.

What do you think of my names? Do you name your ships or not bother? What do you name them?


~ by psychediver on 10/08/2010.

2 Responses to “(OOC) What Is In A Name?”

  1. I not only have names for ships, I have themes for different classes of ship names. Frigates are Colorado “fourteener” mountains (Elbert, Longs Peak, etc.). Cruisers are Earth rivers (Rio Grande, Orinoco, etc.). Battlecruisers are geographic features of Mars (Mons Olympus, Syria Planum, etc.). Covops are Nightwish songs (like my usual probe ship, Amaranth, and my stealth bomber, Sleeping Sun). Mining barges are gem mines from San Diego County (the Hulk Tourmaline King, the Mackinaw Pala Chief, etc.).

    I’m just about ready to assemble my first battleship. The theme for battleship names? Stars. The first one will be Rigil Kent.

    • I believe they used a similar system to name Earth ships in Mass Effect. Very nice!

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