(OOC) Writing Great Science-Fiction

EvE is the greatest science-fiction simulator ever created because it gives you the tools you need and want to live your own epic, however you want to live it. The EvE Canon Rewrite Project’s reason for existing is to take the sci part of the fi from vague musings to bleeding edge awesomesauce. The best universe-builders of our age know that there are keys to successfully crafting a world, and if any one of those elements were muddled, then the final result would suffer. Much like cooking and the need to use good ingredients.

One of the keys to a great science fiction epic is plausibility. In Dune, the concept of humanity on the brink of an evolutionary leap is plausible given the time frame and other factors. Yes, the Spice was convenient as a story element, but a convenient factor isn’t questioned as long as it doesn’t seem too convenient at any one moment. This is how we can explain discoveries of vast proportion and ramification.

Explaining the science used in science fiction in a way that engages the audience instead of irking them is a tricky thing. George Lucas completely circumvents this expectation by calling Star Wars fantasy and not sci-fi. On the flipside, Star Trek has spent decades since TNG creating an entire science mythos that acts as a framework to (usually) explain anything they want to. That said, there are still people trying to make a real lightsaber, and there is plenty of tech today that we would not have if brainiacs around the globe didn’t want to emulate Trek tech. Recently, darker science-fiction stories like BattleStar Galactica and Firefly have been met with incredible praise because the the tech makes a lot of sense. Indeed, “dark” sci-fi seems to cast a huge spotlight on scientific realism. EvE is pretty dark, so the science in EvE should be made to hold up to the same scrutiny.

Another key is foresight. The better one can extrapolate where we are going scientifically and technologically, and the further into the future one can plot those progressions, the more natural the story will feel. To that end, science-fiction writers who really care about their craft very often spend a lot of time researching and studying fields that relate to their subject matter. The more you know about current research, the better you can guess at what is down the pipe.

So how does this all apply to the EvE Canon Rewrite Initiative? While any and all help is welcome, we will constantly be on top of and debating the latest research and theories. For this all to work, we will need to operate as a think-tank to conceptualize how what we experience in EvE can actually be done with what we know and think we know about how our universe operates. We will be actively seeking expertise both advanced and rudamentary in fields such as but not limited to:

– Particle Physics
– Neurology
– Quantum Mechanics
– Cloning and Genetics
– Cybernetics and Biomechanics
– Cosmology

We also need to take care in crafting the story of technological evolution in New Eden. One careless assumption could throw an entire article into disarray. It will be important to not rush into anything and draft articles over and over again, testing them as much as we can before going to CCP with anything close to being called a final product.

Slow and steady, we can change the world of EvE.


~ by psychediver on 09/30/2010.

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