(OOC) Introducing The EvE Canon Rewrite Initiative!

I fell in love with EvE long before I actually had the chance to play it. Being a science-fiction geek that adores both the science and the fiction, the “scientific articles” found on the main site gave me a huge buzz. It seemed so well conceptualized and explained. Years later, I go back to those same articles and find myself dissapointed. A lot of huge changes have come to New Eden through novels, expansions and chronicles, and the articles have become more and more obsolete with every one.

EvE, being the ultimate science-fiction simulator, should have mastercrafted science articles to go with it, right?

Last night while tweeting with some other capsuleers, I gave some thought to fixing this oversight. The wonderful chair of the CSM Mynxee explained that CCP was far too busy to undertake such a task, as it would require a team of writers and quite a bit of time to give this project its fair due. She suggested going to the Assembly Hall section of the offical forum and throwing the idea out there, but that suggestion set me off on a completely different trajectory.

What if the community overhauled the science of EvE?

As a group, we have access to all the same info on EvE’s existing fiction that CCP does, but unlike CCP we can draw from a much larger pool of people, some with degrees and some talented writers, who would be able to volunteer their time to this project. If managed correctly, we could come up with a scientific framework that could carry CCP’s imaginatiive tech into the next decade. I envision a massive literary expansion, beginning with rewriting the existing articles and going far beyond.

This is not a small project, nor will it be done in a small amount of time. The first objectives I need to focus on are creating a defined framework for the project, and getting the word out to attract knowledgeable and skilled writers for the cause. Soon after that, we will need a website complete with a private forum in order to organize volunteers and step up advertisement to the general community.

The biggest and ultimate hurdle if this thing gets off the ground is CCP. One may consider this project stepping unbidden into their domain, but one must recognize that CCP has always looked to the community as the primary driving force to their mythos. The Chronicles are a perfect example. EvE is special because we are given the power to create our own destiny and this is nothing more than important upkeep to a load-bearing pillar to that power. So far, CCP has shown interest, and I hope to garner more by the time Fanfest rolls around. The website will act in the end as the package to the final product/gift to CCP, an expansive, comprehensive and bleeding edge science-fiction knowledge database that CCP can simply accept and use to replace the articles they have now.

Many more posts about this to come, but consider this a call to action, fellow capsuleers! I’m not asking for more than you can give, even if all you can give are words of encouragement and a hope to help out later.

Together, we make EvE great. Together, we can make EvE greater.


~ by psychediver on 09/30/2010.

2 Responses to “(OOC) Introducing The EvE Canon Rewrite Initiative!”

  1. Looking forward to it. Let me know when I can help.

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