(OOC) In Search of Pew-Pew – Part 1

Welcome to the beginning of a new mini-series!

I have been playing EvE for a few years and have been part of arguably one of the most famous and accomplished nullsec PvP alliances for almost that entire time, though as some of you know by now and many of you would be shocked (maybe horrified) to learn, I have never fired upon another player.

In “In Search of Pew-Pew” I will be documenting my quest to expand my field of skills from dedicated mission-runner to nullsec PvP legend. Before that though, as every journey begins with a single step, my goal is to have one kill before fanfest.

Last weekend, I began my prep for nullsec by doing more shopping in a single day than I ever have before. After playing with EFT for and scouring forums and battleclinic, I had purchased:

– 4 Drakes (2 heavy, 2 heavy assault)
– 2 Rifters
– 2 Jaguars
– 1 Crow
– 1 Taranis
– Mods, ammo and drones for all of the above.

The next day and a half centered around picking everything up in my Mammoth. The shopping was almost all done within a few jumps of Rens or at Rens itself, but I had to fly the Drakes (bought under alliance contract more than 10 jumps away) under their own power and pod fly myself back.

The good news is I had arranged for it all to be carrier-jumped into nullsec under contract for a decent cost. The bad news is it all had to be left 24 jumps from Rens in a middle-of-nowhere lowsec system, and since I am only able to haul with a Mammoth, the weekend amounted to around 200 jumps and a few runs through some gatecamps. Oh, did I mention it is through Amarr space and NPC guards were pecking at me the whole time?

Meanwhile, I was going over what I knew (and don’t know) about jump clones. I remembered that I tried to get into PvP once before and had a JC with a Rifter sitting in Utopia, a system we used to frequent but are now quite far from. I jumped to it and plotted a course back to that middle of nowhere. 5 jumps to safe space. I made it 2 before I got caught in a drag bubble, webbed and popped by a Drake. Oh well.

The next hurdle was a lot more annoying. I bought mods for a new Rifter setup that I had never actually flown before. Worked on EFT so I thought it would work in game. Did you know that EFT sometimes gets its math wrong? Yeah, I didn’t. By the time I found out my Rifter could not support the setup, I was way past buying more mods and didn’t feel like shopping in hostile empire space, so I decided I will do what I can with what I find in nullsec when I meet my ships there. The only fits I still don’t have together are the two assault Drakes, and that is only because I don’t have the skills to fit the T2 launchers yet. I anticipate no problems.

The contracts are set. Once I get my main clone back to my missioning grounds in my Mammoth and get my JC back to the same via his pod, I will switch my cloning station to DK’s nullsec station (where my ships are headed), build my JC a fast and cheap ship and try to make the trip. If I die, I will still arrive at my destination in a fresh clone. They call it “death cloning”… go figure.

Questions for my readers:
1) Do you insure ships in nullsec?
2) What ships would you suggest I fly, given my skills (which you can find in earlier posts) and experience (or lack thereof)? How would you fit those ships and why?

Stay tuned!


~ by psychediver on 09/27/2010.

4 Responses to “(OOC) In Search of Pew-Pew – Part 1”

  1. I started out with rifters, ruptures, and cyclones(only minny BC at the time). t1 and t2 frigates are always good for starters and can be really fun. The Drake is pretty forgiving, and in a group you have a good chance of not being the primary target since people expect you to be a HP brick.

    The only thing I see is that you have some pretty awesome gunnery skills and no medium sized guns. Put some ruptures or stabbers in the mix.

    • That sounds like a good idea. I was working on setups for those just last night! Rails, blasters, drones and missles are not too far behind, but yes, I ❤ my ACs and artys.

  2. What did EFT get wrong? I’ve never had any of the math’s not work for me, it was usually down to user error 😉

    • Miscalculated powergrid. For some reason a module was not included in the final calculations. No error on my part.

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