(OOC) CCP Needs YOU!

One of the best dividends that have come out of the recent CSM/CCP backlash is the increased frequency of Sisi testing. The war against lag has turned a corner and we are all being invited to the party. Until some other new tech comes down the pipe, CCP needs players to jump on the test server at certain times and in certain ways. One day they may ask you to bring a droneboat and the other they may ask for ECM or missile-spamming. This is supposedly all in an effort to weed out code problems so they can be addressed. Winning many small battles to win the war, it seems.

I am a pretty community-minded gamer and as such have no problem giving up my time for the greater good when I have it to give, but what about those who would much rather be on TQ doing something else like alliance work or indy or carebearing? One of the ideas that have been thrown around is offering TQ incentives to players who help out on Sisi test sessions. In this post I would like to shine a target painter on each possible incentive mode and ask you in there are any I have missed.

ISK – This seems to be the most common approved answer from what I have seen. The reasoning behind this is that in EvE the amount of ISK you have, the more you can do, regardless of who you are or what you want to accomplish. The almighty ISK, as it were. The rate would be about the same or a little more as running a lvl.5 mission for the equivalent amount of time you are helping out on Sisi. Enough to be an enticement, but not enough to destabilize markets.

Skillpoints – This is the more contentious of the options, but it is the one I support as it will be the biggest draw. In effect, you would be alloted skillpoints for your time. Only 5000-10000 (which is equivalent to a few hours with lvl.4 implants) would be a draw to anyone. However, some feel that it would unfairly upset the game’s balance. The way I see it, a few hours either way isn’t going to give anyone a real edge, and other games reward players for time spent in much more substantial ways.

Faction Standing – This was suggested to me late last night, and the more I thought about it. the more it intrigued me. Faction standing to a PvPer would allow you to re-enter empire space if you standing has  really hit bottom, and missioners will have a quicker way to gain agent footholds in other empires. It isn’t as substantial as the other two options, so I am not sure if it would be initially perceived as a draw.

So I ask you, Are there any incentive options I have missed? Which would you rather get?


~ by psychediver on 09/08/2010.

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