It came to my attention today that Solus Argum/@AnMiTh, the man who created EvEPress and Lonetrek Web Services, is in dire financial straights and is seeking help.

From his site:

I have been notified by my hosting company that If I cannot pay my hosting bill by Friday(August 20th) my Hosting account(and thus EvePress) will be suspended. Once it is placed on suspended the server will go offline and the site will be unaccessible until the balance is paid or they delete our stuff. Originally when I launched EvePress I had hoped that more of you all would have signed up for the Premium accounts to help support the service. But out of 350+ blogs hosted here only 3(three) of you have signed up for the premium service. But alas, it come to this – Help me save EvePress and keep it going strong.

This must not be allowed to happen. Please go to his donation page and give whatever you can spare. He’s done so much work for the community to see it end like this. We, the EvE community, can help him.

~ by psychediver on 08/19/2010.

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