When it hit, it hit hard.

I wasn’t online at the time, but the news was startling. I knew there was always a risk something like this could happen. We’ve always attracted the most enthusiastic of enemies. Spies were a constant threat. We’d done a good job keeping the saboteurs at bay but we all knew it was only a matter of time.

The traitor’s name was Tarac Nor, a rising star in our ranks. We trusted him, unwisely it seems. His reasoning to the ISD was facetious, as it was indeed for the ISK, and ISK he never got. See, HYDRA expected Providence to implode when the mighty Unity Station locked its doors. They were counting on it. As a pirate organization, they make a living feeding on chaos in nullsec. The stabilizing force of the Ushra’Khan was cutting into their profits, and they knew that a head-on confrontation would be a Pyhrric victory at best. They took our name and waited.

Ah, but the spirit of our cause and the bonds was have forged with others stood true. While there were some bursts of activity, it was not nearly what was expected by HYDRA. Since HYDRA did not get what they had paid for, they obviously saw no reason to pay their lackey.

Our corporations sought brief refuge from storm of vultures descending on Providence, and were greeted warmly by Circle-Of-Two. While our pilots continued to press our enemies and protect what was ours but could not yet lay claim to again, our backs were watched by AAA and others. To them and others we owe a great debt that will be paid back ten fold. In the past we have earned this kind of loyalty through noble deeds, and the future will be full of more. We are thus bound.

Within, the forums and chats were ablaze, not with anger but with determination to regain our past glory and forge a new road ahead. Our leadership never missed a beat when it came down to getting what needed to be done, done. Teamspeak and Ventrillo and EvE Voice were so active they radiated heat, honoured pilots hearing the call to action. Those new to the alliance got a chance to learn of our history. Our RP means more to us than having fun in local, it was a philosophy. A warrior’s resolve. Honour above all. Our creativity was called to the fore as we sought a new name. One that would harken back to our past but represent our future as well.

Damu’Khonde. Swahili for “Bloody Fist”.

Our own banner was taken along with our old name, but the spirit it invoked remained with us at every moment. They stole only an image, a shade. Our ticker, [USHRA] also speaks to this.

What does the future hold? Blood. Ours and theirs. The sleeper has been awakened to the threats that lie in the darkness. Our epic saga against the Amarr continues, but no longer will we turn a blind eye to the scum that seek a more sinister end to us.

Provi is still in a state of unbalance, and it will be weeks before we can stabilize it again. However, our commitment to that has not wavered.

We are more resolute than ever.

We are Damu’Khonde.

We have and always will come for our people.


~ by psychediver on 08/07/2010.

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