(OOC) It’s Not Aura But…

A long time ago I had a single blog for all my topics. I also had no audience. Now I have several blogs and… well I think people read me from time to time. WordPress says so, honest.

Anywho, I have been making the same mistake with my Twitter feed. A single account is no longer sufficient. Therefore all my EvE tweets will be coming from @GigaerPrano from now on. I know, I am as shocked as you are that the name wasn’t taken!

Now, feel free to continue to follow me @PsycheDiver as well, but just be warned I’m a bit of a manslut. Just ask @RocWieler. You will also get a much more general feed because I use it for all my randomness and pimping of blogs and podcasts and whatnot. If you’re just interested in my EvE exploits, you’re good to go with @GigaerPrano.

So begins my conquest of the #TweetFleet.

Enjoy the tweets and fly safe!


~ by psychediver on 07/18/2010.

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