(OOC) Alliance Tournament 8: Finals weekend… FIGHT!

I’m gonna make this quick because I’m fighting the flu or something and if I don’t deal with it tonight my entire weekend is fraked. I won’t  go into thoughts on the last matches since you can find much better coverage here and here. I will try and post tomorrow.

My picks!

OWN Alliance over Rote Kapelle

HYDRA Reloaded over Legiunea Romana

Agony Empire over Cry Havoc.

The GOdfathers over CVA


Electric Monkey Overlords over B A N E

Ushra’Khan over Dead Terrorists

The Wrong Alliance over Majesta Empire

Darkside. over Morsus Mihi

SOLAR FLEET over Panda Team

Dystopia Alliance over Get Off My Lawn

Soldiers Of Thunderstorm over Paisti Syndicate

Pandemic Legion over T o r m e n t u m

Electus Matari over THE RONIN

Atlas Alliance over Important Internet Spaceship League

Good luck to all!


~ by psychediver on 06/19/2010.

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