(OOC) Alliance Tournament 8: Round 2… FIGHT!

Wow. Really happy with how many matches I called right. Maybe I should start betting isk!

All the videos as well as some impressive write-ups can be found at the Alliance Tournament site. The statistics being gathered by the site become more interesting as the tourney progresses.

Some quick notes before my calls for round 2.

– HYDRA and AGONY… did anyone see that happening at any point in alliance history? More to the point, does anyone see such a gambit actually working?

– I am saddened by the extensive use of fail-Drakes.

– Good on DarkSide. for using Maelstroms. A very underutilized ship. Fear the alpha!

– Amazing showing by WE FROM VOLTRON. Kudos to such amazing FCing as well as fielding the first flagship with such effectiveness. That Bhaalgorn was awesome.

– As seen in the showing by The Tusker Bastards vs. HUN Reloaded, having a flagship on the field is not going to assure victory. Interesting that it was another Bhaalgorn.

– Odd that all the flagships of the first round were Bhaalgorns. Especially since Amarr ships are much less common than Minmatar or Caldari ships this year.

– If anyone wants to see what perfect FCing looks like, look to The Wrong Alliance. Not a crazy setup, but beautifully executed against IAC.

– While we won, I was expecting a better showing from the Ushra’Khan. Hopefully we can step it up in the next round.

OK, round 2 picks!

OWN Alliance over Snatch Victory

Soldiers of Thunderstorm over Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate

Veni Vidi Vici over Honourable Templum of Alcedonia

Indecisive Certainty over Noir. Mercenary Group

Erebus Alliance over Silver Twilight Enterprises

Ivy League over Arbeitaholics Anonymous

Intrepid Crossing over Eve Engineering

The Star Fraction over Huzzah Federation

THE SPACE P0LICE over The G0dfathers

Electus Matari. over The Wrong Alliance

WE FORM VOLTRON over Negative Ten.

RED.OVERLORD over Circle-Of-Two

Atlas Alliance over T o r m e n t u m

Get Off My Lawn over THE R0NIN


death from above.. over Leguinea Romana

HYDRA RELOADED over Old Intentions

Morsus Mihi over Perihelion Alliance

Pitch Black Legion over Electric Monkey Overlords

Plutonix over Panda Team

Manifest Destiny. over Curatores Veritatis Alliance

Dead Terrorists over The Tusker Bastards

Unaffiliated over Important Internet Spaceship League

Beyond Virginity over Mos Vape Heavy Industries

AAA over Rote Kapelle

Ushra’Khan over Agony Empire

Dystopia Alliance over The Kadeshi

Cry Havoc. over BricK sQuAD.

DarkSide. over RAZOR Alliance

HUN Reloaded over B A N E

Pandemic Legion over Monks of War.

Majesta Empire over Paisti Syndicate

As always, good luck to all the teams. may the best immortals win.

Oh, and if you missed the most interesting part of the tournament… ENJOY!


~ by psychediver on 06/10/2010.

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