(OOC) Alliance Tournament 8: Round 1… FIGHT!

For those of you who have been following my bloggings for a while, you’ll remember on my old blog how much I truly enjoyed the Alliance Tournament  and how much coverage I attempted to give it. This time around my aspirations were to take part. Sadly I did not make the cut, but lucky for you my passion for covering this epic event  hasn’t changed.



Firstly, big props to CCP Soundwave and CCP StevieSG (and our other wonderful hosts, commentators and other demigods at CCP) for bringing this all together yet again, Warp Drive Active for becoming the first official tourney podcast (and if you haven’t listened to their tourney primer, DO NOW!), and the three awesome internet radio sites that cater to us capsuleers during this amazing event (EvE Radio, Split Infinity Radio and New Eden Radio). The tourney wouldn’t be the same without such amazing organization and coverage. Obviously, you as well can have your say during all this by hitting the in-game chat, EvE Voice, official forums and IRC Coldfront. Or… COMMENT ON MY BLOG!

My take on the new rules? Love ’em. CCP did an amazing job in trying to make teams as varied as possible, and while they’ve relaxed those rules somewhat, they have also invented the idea of Flagships. This one element I think will make teams crave originality instead of being forced into it. Other than that there has been the normal amount of tweaking and rebalancing that shows CCP is really dedicated to making the tourney something special every year. The prizes this time around are pretty nice, but as I was explaining to a friend of mine a few hours ago, the intangibles are what make EvE special, and the tournament shines a big spotlight on that. The espionage, the bragging rights, the community. Not to scoff at the prizes, as they are certainly nothing to scoff at. Billions of isk and special and amazing ships are pretty awesome. The Adrestia Heavy Assault Cruiser has been called a “Vagabond with blasters” and the Utu Assault Frigate which is an astounding solo ships for drone/ECM PvP.

Oh, and I’ll be spending finals weekend watching the HD feed on a 52-inch plasma and screaming at it with friends like we were soccer hooligans. Knowing other pilots in your area can really be a boon sometimes. Of course you can watch all the matches on the official YouTube channel as well. Here’s a thought… if you know any pilots in your area, try organizing a party surrounding this wonderful event.

Now for my picks. If I have any serious reasons why I’ve made these choices that I think are worth mentioning, I will. They are in order of match schedule.

Against ALL Authorities over Perihelion Alliance (AAA are good to us, so I hope they do well. We know they are capable of it.)

Agony Empire over HYDRA RELOADED (TOUGH match, but Agony are just killer in my book.)

Get Off My Lawn over Arbeitaholics Anonymous (Anyone think this is the Gentleman’s Club again?)

Atlas Alliance over Intrepid Crossing (Atlas are capable, plain and simple.)

Unaffiliated over B A N E (Unaffiliated have had good showings in the past.)

Majesta Empire over Beyond Virginity

Panda Team over BricK sQuAD.

Indecisive Certainty over Circle-Of-Two

Cry Havoc. over Plutonix

DarkSide. over Curatores Veritatis Alliance (I just don’t want CVA to win. That surprises you?)

Dead Terrorists over Pandemic Legion (This is very tough, but we’re fighting PL right now and I’d love to see them take a bit of a moral hit.)

Noir. Mercenary Group over death from above.. (Mynxee‘s new crew. I fear.)

Morsus Mihi over Dystopia Alliance

Electric Monkey Overlords over Leguinea Romana

Electus Matari over Veni Vidi Vici

Erebus Alliance over RED.OVERLORD

Eve Engineering over GoonSwarm


HUN Reloaded over The Tusker Bastards

Huzzah Federation over THE R0NIN

Important Internet Spaceship League over Monks of War.

The Wrong Alliance over Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate

Ivy League over SOLAR FLEET (Carebears FTW!)

Manifest Destiny. over RAZOR Alliance

Mos Vape Heavy Industries over Paisti Syndicate

Soldiers of Thunderstorm over Negative Ten.

Ushra’Khan over Old Intentions (WE COME FOR OUR PEOPLE!!!)

OWN Alliance over The G0dfathers

The Kadeshi over Pitch Black Legion

Silver Twilight Enterprises over Rote Kapelle

THE SPACE P0LICE over Snatch Victory

The Star Fraction over T o r m e n t u m

I will throw up my highlights and thoughts of these matches once the round one YouTube vids and the round 2 schedule go up .

As always, good luck to all the teams. may the best immortals win.


~ by psychediver on 06/05/2010.

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