(IC) Worlds Apart.

This was my entry for Roc Wieler‘s Tyrannis contest. While it is in-character, it is not the character of Gigaer Prano. Enjoy!

Some people say I live in the middle of nowhere. I told them I’ve been to nowhere and it’s a lot more interesting than the planet I come from. The planet my family and I live on is in a place nullsec. I heard some barge captain say that once. Providence was also a term he dropped. I have no idea what any of it means. All I know is that we never got many visitors from the core regions. We’re just a farming planet, after all.

That was then. This is now.

Now, instead of hooded Amarr slavers dropping off copies of the Pax Amarria as well as leaving us only a small ration of our output (and sometimes taking some of us to be sold into slavery), we have Minmatar freedom fighters dropping off refugees and ex-slaves by the ship-load to be put to work. I always thought all pod-pilots were alike. I never cared one way or another who they fought for.

That was then. This is now.

They leave us mostly to ourselves. They request what they need and actually pay us for it. We now have the ability to barter with other planets and in other systems with what surplus we have. With all this extra manpower, we can even harvest more of this world’s natural resources like ores and gases. These poor people brought to this place have been given the chance to lead honest and free lives and they’re putting their blood, sweat and tears into it. Our villages are turning into towns and our towns are almost passing as cities.

We have a little piece of paradise down here. Wide fields of grain and clear blue skies. We’re mostly Gallente down here but the Minmatar population seems to be fitting in well. Not so much a culture clash as it is an exchange. We’re learning from each other. You see new moms at the parks watching over Matari kids just as much as Gallente. Gallente men sharing pints of homemade brew on the porch with Minmatar neighbors while their wifes gossip in the living room. We build roads, we build schools, we build homes, we build lives… together.

The pod-pilots up there can take whatever they want, but what they’ve given us is life. They give us their broken, and we teach them what it is to be whole again. Up there it’s dark and cold and deadly, while down here it’s warm and bright and alive. Up there you can’t hear the screams of the dying, and down here the sounds of laughter and music are deafening.

Immortality be damned, we’re happy. We’re just a farming planet, after all.


~ by psychediver on 05/23/2010.

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