(OOC) The Issues

Instead of just telling you who I voted for and why, I’d rather go over a few of the issues used by Dierdra Vaal‘s wonderful vote match site.

CCP should devote an expansion cycle to revamping the User Interface.

To be honest I’d never come across this idea before, but it seems to be a prime example of the kind of idea the CSM could bridge from players to devs. I’d be interested to hear what CCP would have to say if it turns out that players really want this to happen.

Pirating as a profession needs some love from CCP. Bounty Hunting as a profession needs some love from CCP.

These are two separate issues that can be weighed in on separately, but in effect the issues aren’t that much different from each other. We’re talking about two professions that are widely accepted but have little to no built-in infrastructure. They both also happen more or less in low-sec. Since no real experience with either profession, I won’t even guess at what specifically could be done, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

Core combat model of EVE lacks complexity and is too simple.

This is basically a push for subsystem targeting to be bumped up in the dev cycle… right? I don’t know a single person who doesn’t want this.

PvE content should be more varied and dynamic than the current static missions and exploration sites. The game needs more PvE content. PvE should be made more like PvP.

YES PLEASE. Again multiple issues but more or less the same thing. More AI, more epic arcs, more story immersion.

CCP should spend more time fixing old content and less time introducing new content.

Is EVE that broken? I think the ratio of fixes to new content is pretty good as is, but perhaps a tweak isn’t out of the question.

All forms of personal passive income (such as RnD agents) should be removed.

This I have a problem with. A “hardcore” player isn’t measured in the number of hours played. EVE’s usage of a real-time training system is one of its biggest selling points. A lot of wonderful members of the EVE community just can’t afford to be on as much as they’d like, so what’s wrong with a little consistent revenue?

Bombs should be usable in low sec.

Speaking purely from an RP standpoint, I can understand why captial ships aren’t allowed outside a certain zone, but bombs? Before I saw this issue I didn’t even know it was one.

CCP needs to change game mechanics so that blobbing is no longer effective.

This is hopefully the only time I’ll ever talk about blobbing. It’s effective, and any mechanic keeping it from being so will be foolish and unwieldy at best. The same can be said for suicide ganking, which is always an issue the CSM loves to bring up. From an RP standpoint, it also works, but I could stand to see collisions play a bigger role. Once formations come through…

Low security asteroid belts should include a limited amount of 0.0 ores.

Scientifically this does make sense. It would be strange indeed for certain natural ores to be found only in areas where intelligent beings have chosen to shoot each other more.

Well I hope that gives you some insight. Please remember to vote. The CSM’s biggest threat is us not caring!


~ by psychediver on 05/07/2010.

6 Responses to “(OOC) The Issues”

  1. question: what is subsystem targeting?

  2. Targeting systems such as propulsion or navigation, instead of the whole ship. CCP has been talking about it for some time.

  3. I took each of these issues and explained my answers (or lack of answer) here.

    I disagree with two issues you’ve raised.

    In principle I agree that subsystem targeting sounds cool; but imagine the implementation of that. If there’s a faster way to kill something, you’ll do it every time. If it’s not faster, then what’s the point? If it allows you to take out weapons, that’s essentially a kill. If it allows you to take out the engines, same thing. If there was a specific proposal explaining how subsystem targeting would be useful in addition to just shooting at something (so there would be a use for both cases) I might change my mind. I think the reason it’s not been introduced is that they can’t figure out how to solve this problem.

    And passive income. Moon goo is one thing, where you have to actively fuel a tower (not that often) or take the goo to market; but grinding up standings for an agent to essentially turn on a faucet for stuff (that never stops coming out) seems somehow wrong to me. There’s no way to stop you from getting the income (with moon goo you can blow up the POS) so there’s no way to war against you. It just feels wrong to me.

    • I won’t argue the passive income argument. That’s your view and I respect it. I can see both sides. To be honest I’d rather see a structured banking system put in place if people want secure income over time. Far more realistic.

      As far as subsystem targeting, I believe the pinpoint accuracy of such shots would take a major toll on your accuracy stats. For example, if it’s hard enough to hit an Vaga as it is, it would be, say… twice as hard to successfully target any specific system. Ergo, it would not be something you could bring to bare in every battle. Far from it. Would that be more to your liking?

  4. “Is EVE that broken? I think the ratio of fixes to new content is pretty good as is, but perhaps a tweak isn’t out of the question.”

    I think the problem is that CCP tends to have a touch of ADHD when it comes to adding content. They’ll add a new shiney thing, and then forget about it (Tech 3 ships, Faction Warfare, Epic Arcs, Dominion Sov etc etc.) moving on to the next shiney thing.

    I, along with quite a few other players, would like to see an expansion devoted to ironing out kinks in existing feature sets rather than the addition of more new features (which will add more complexity and make tweaking older systems more problematic)

    Things which we were told would be iterated upon (the mythical fifth subsytsem? Factional Warfare issues) have not been, and seem to have been forgotten about. This stems from what I can only imagine is a gruelling release schedule. An expansion every six months is a lot of work, especially if they include whole new gameplay mechanics and content.

    There are sound business reasons for this schedul I’m sure but it can end up detracting from the game as a whole and leaving it full of half finished ideas and broken mechanics.

    So a housekeeping expansion where nothing new and shiney is added but lots of little niggles are fixed would be great.

    • That’s a very compelling argument. Consider me allegiance firmly in your camp on the subject. 🙂

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