(IC) Artifacts

Gigaer leaned his back against a great metal pillar with his arms crossed and his cloak covering his massive frame. Empire stations had truly gargantuan observation decks, since the threat of attack was less here than it would be in lower-security space. People went about their business, often watching the ship traffic outside. Gigaer often took these opportunities to ask the stars questions (silently, of course) as if he was being presented a grand audience. This time, however, his mind was far too clouded with what had transpired to focus on the distant points of light.

Gigaer had been privy to the machinations of Shakor that led to recent events. Indeed, Roc and the Ushra’Khan command council had not been the only ones to seek out Gigaer’s unique wisdom. Shakor needed to be sure that Roc was the one we all thought he was. Gigaer had attempted to cultivate other “saviors” but it had begun as a short list, and the list had steadily dwindled until only the ex-Colonel remained as a viable subject. Shakor needed the legend of Roc Wieler dead and gone if any of their future plans for the man were to have any chance of success. Shakor’s choices in the matter bloodied Gigaer’s hands just as much as his own, but the Ushra’Khan could whisk Roc to safety, and it was really the only way. Roc the outlaw was alive, and would remain that way in the shadows of nullsec until the time was right. In the interests of security, neither Gigaer nor Shakor had any idea of where he was being taken, but Gigaer intended to find out. Roc was surely a broken man now, a spectre of his former self and the ghost of his newly-ended life hanging over him, weighing down his soul. Roc would need Gigaer’s guidance now more than ever.

“I come bearing the fruit of Matar’s past.” A voice said from a man to Gigaer’s right. A Sebiestor man with sharp features and even sharper cybernetic augmentations adorning his body. The man spoke aloud and forward, but only loud enough for Gigaer to hear him.

“With it our future grows stronger.” Gigaer said in response. The code was set ahead of this meeting. This specific code meant that all had gone well. Inside Gigaer sighed in relief.

Tyburn’s lineage was, in ancient times, closely tied to the Prano clan. They were ones who saw, who knew, who could do things beyond the scope of this mortal coil. Gigaer’s blood lay with the Brutor, while Tyburn’s lay with the Sebiestor Tribe. It was actually Tyburn who found Gigaer and revealed their connections. They were seemingly at the time enemies, as Tyburn worked along side the slavers of Providence and Gigaer’s Ushra’Khan brethren sought to vanquish them. Their meeting deserves its own retrospection.

Gigaer turned to face his comrade. A quick nod and the exchange was made. No fuss could be made since neither were sure if they were being observed. To Tyburn went an isk card with a hefty amount and a letter of gratitude, and to Gigaer went Roc’s kandjal.

Tyburn was far craftier than Gigaer could hope to be. A man of his talents could get anywhere and do anything. Gigaer’s mission for Tyburn was simple. Infiltrate the facility that once held Roc Wieler and retrieve the weapon before it was sealed away in some warehouse somewhere, never to be seen again. For Tyburn, this task was akin to a pleasurable game. He easily impersonated an official crime scene investigator and used his expertly-crafted credentials and persuasive manner to obtain what he was after. The tracking device Gigaer had recently placed on it certainly helped in locating it quickly and without arousing much suspicion.

Gigaer quickly retreated to his quarters and studied Roc’s weapon. It had been a gift to him from Gigaer as a symbol of Roc’s potential future and connection to the past of all Minmatar. Roc contacted Gigaer on occasion, often for instructions on how to better use the ancient weapon, but sometimes also bringing up more critical topics. Gigaer was to be Roc’s guide to becoming what all Matar needed him to be, and Gigaer was thankful for the task. The kandjal was in good shape, despite not being tended to in some time.

Gigaer was changed with safeguarding Roc’s future, and in that Gigaer had failed horribly. All Minmatar, in perhaps the entire galaxy could suffer. Getting this kandjal back in the hands of its rightful owner and restoring him on the path to his destiny was the only way Gigaer could atone.


~ by psychediver on 04/29/2010.

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