(OOC) A Trip To The Library.

I love going on skillbook buying sprees. It gives you such a great sense of the bright future your capsuleer career promises you. Today, after selling a huge backlog of mission loot and salvage in Rens, I decided to go on such a spree. I bought:

Bomb Deployment, Cruise Missiles, Signal Dispersion, Signal Suppression, Signature Focusing, Turret Destabilization, Caldari Defensive Systems, Caldari Electronic Systems, Caldari Engineering Systems, Caldari Offensive Systems, Caldari Propulsion Systems, Minmatar Defensive Systems, Minmatar Electronic Systems, Minmatar Engineering Systems, Minmatar Offensive Systems, Minmatar Propulsion Systems, Electronic Warfare Drone Interfacing, Advanced Drone Interfacing, Repair Drone Operation, Sentry Drone Interfacing.

Kinda looks like I have a growing interest in Electronic Warfare, eh? Meh, not really. I want to have my skills in that area passable and ready for when the situation calls for it. I went into my certificates and took a look at what they said I should be having. I’ve actually been paying quite a bit of attention to the guidance offered through the certificates planner. I now have all my core certificates at elite level.

The drone skills are pretty uninteresting. I saw Sentry drones used a lot in the Alliance Tournament, so I want to make sure I have those in time for the next tourney. Also, I’m told ECM drones come in really handy in nullsec.

I only bought the Tech 3 Strat.Cruiser subsystem skills for Caldari and Minmatar. Why not Gallente and Amarr? For Amarr, I’ve never had any interest in flying Amarr ships and while the Legion can technically fly as a drone or missile boat, I’d rather just save the isk and the time. For Gallente it’s a little bit of a weaker answer. I do fully intend on flying Gallente ships in the future, but the Proteus is such a damned ugly ship that I don’t much want to be caught in it. Tengus and Lokis are quite awesome, and in the future I might still grad the Proteus skills, but I doubt it. Rather just fly an Ishtar or something.

I still have a few missile op specialization skillbooks sitting in my items, waiting for me to meet their requisites. All in good time. I have Missile Launcher Op. V being done soon and that will let me inject a few of the pending books.

I think a skillbook buying spree should always be coupled with a review and revamp of long-term skill training plans. I’ll be throwing some ideas around over the weekend with  some EVE friends I plan on seeing at Neurodance and posting a new plan here next week. I’d like to build a plan right up to capital ships, which will probably be on the order of 400+ days. Hopefully I can get that done before CrazyKinux announces his next Blog Banter, since he said on the latest Drone Bay podcast that it was coming up in the coming week. Oh yeah, The Drone Bay is back! Also keeping an eye on Roc’s current story arc and doing a little bit of playing along, which I hope to continue without stepping on his uber-manly toes too much.


~ by psychediver on 04/09/2010.

2 Responses to “(OOC) A Trip To The Library.”

  1. I’m good about keeping on my plan for just about as long as it takes to train a single skill. That is, I managed to keep my main character on one track for 30 days by training a 30-day skill.

    I always need to feel like I just won something, though — so long-term plans are not as appealing to me.

    But, I say good for you if you can do it.

    • Not counting small modifications, the only reason I go off my plans is when I find a hole in my current skills that needs to be addressed ASAP. That really only happens when I move on to a new ship class. I know I’ll find plenty of holes when I get to PvP, but I’m using a lot of research to catch them before they become an issue.

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