(OOC) Maybe Next Year…

My dreams of flying with the U’K during the next Alliance Tournament were dashed recently.

The call went out on the U’K boards and it seems I fall short of the asked requirements for volunteers. Specifically what kinds of ships I can fly. Even if I dropped my entire training plan right now and focused on nothing but what I needed for the tournament, I’d never make it in time.

It’s not a huge deal really. I don’t mind having to wait for the next one. I’ll be in that much better shape for that one, and if by some crazy happenstance they need more people on the team (so unlikely it’s close to impossible) I’d be happy to raise my hand.

Still, the dream was nice while it lasted.

Regardless, I’ll be paying very close attention to the tourney and commenting like crazy on this blog and on Twitter. Also by that time my podcast will be up and running, and I’ll probably talk a little bit about it on there. 🙂

Speaking of skill training, I’ll be posting a reworked plan soon.


~ by psychediver on 04/08/2010.

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