(IC) Between A Roc And A Hard Place

I have been pleading with the Ushra’Khan brass to mount a covert rescue op for Roc, simply get him out of a bad situation while all this is sorted out. All to no avail. They say it wouldn’t accomplish anything.

Bad. Calling this situation “bad” is like calling a star “warm”. Finding out where he was being held was a miracle in and of itself, and it cost me more favours than I’d care to admit. A full set of fake credentials (I was masquerading as a JAG officer with a high enough clearance to get me in, but an unremarkable enough record to be virtually unknown by my peers) that survived multiple levels of scrutiny only got me a basic and falsified rundown of his condition and treatment and a glimpse of him through the glass of the booth. Yeah, one of those booths you always see in the prison visitor scenes in holovids, though this one has more guards.

I picked up the receiver connecting my side to his, seemingly buying the illusion of privacy even though I knew everything here would be recorded. My cover said I was there to clean up and close the case file of his military discharge, so my questions revolved around the facts of the case. I spoke at Roc. I use “at” because he just sat there, slumped in his chair, refusing to pick up his handset, look up or respond in any way. Was he sedated, or worse? I couldn’t risk using any code. Anything Roc would recognize would probably also be caught by those who put him in here. If he had just looked up he would have recognized me, but he was completely unresponsive. I couldn’t risk trying to contact him telepathically, unsure how he’d react to the stimulus.

Before leaving, I checked the belongings that were being held for him. His kandjal was labeled “unknown”. I placed a small tracking beacon on the base of its shaft. If he ever made a break from this place or was moved, I’d know about it.

I was still left with the same questions. Was this a conspiracy, or had Roc actually suffered some sort of breakdown? I was wrestling with the concept that perhaps the weight of the galaxy had been too much for him when I glanced at his visitor list. Orvas Seriador. Interesting. What would an influential member of the Minmatar political machine want with a broken Roc? Of course, the answer was obviously that Roc was indeed not broken (at least not in the way that would give his incarceration any validity), and this was all part of some grand scheme. Some force in the Republic wanted Roc stripped down and made invisible. It made sense why Shakor had not saved Roc from all this, as Shakor could very well be another target of whoever was manipulating events. The trepidation of my superiors also made more sense.

There was another matter. During the trial he was labeled little more than a psychotic zealot, only fueled by his hate for Amarr. True, if anyone had a reason to hate them, it was people like him and I. Still, his rage was no secret and I feared would one day get him into trouble. Perhaps he was all the more open to this sort of manipulation because of that rage. I hope he saw that. Shakor knew how to dance with the devil, and if Roc wants to be the leader we need him to be, he’ll have to be able to win the proverbial dance-off.

I had so little information to go on. If I had any real access to Roc, things would perhaps be clearer. I could check his personal quarters, but they were undoubtedly ransacked and under observation by the people responsible for all this by now. My crew and I could free him easily and tend to matters of my insubordination later, but I knew that would gain nothing in the long run. Roc somehow had to find the means to survive this.

When I was back aboard my ship and in my pod, I gave the order to be underway, but slowly. Dropping into as deep a trance as I could manage at the moment, I tried to send Roc a message. A psychic ping at best. Roc needed to know he wasn’t alone. For now, all I could do was wait.


~ by psychediver on 04/04/2010.

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